7 Characters Peter Dinklage Could Be In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

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It was recently revealed that actor Peter Dinklage is being eyed for a “key role” in Avengers: Infinity War as well as the Untitled Avengers Sequel. This means that the Game of Thrones actor will be headed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe next year and fans of both franchises are more than happy.

Like Chris Evans, Peter Dinklage will be another actor who “walks between worlds” as he will be coming from the X-Men Universe over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was previously in X-Men: Days of Future Past as Bolivar Trask.

Currently, the role of his character is being kept under wraps. Of course, many people have already started to speculate about who he could play in the upcoming Marvel Studios movies. Here are seven characters he might possibly be in the upcoming Avengers sequels. This list is based on characters who appeared in The Infinity Gauntlet Saga (which the movie is speculated to be based on) and not The Infinity War series.

Pip the Troll

OK, let’s get the obvious out of the way. As soon as his casting was announced, everyone universally agreed “oh, he’s gotta be Pip the Troll.” Given Peter Dinklage’s size matching the size of the character in the comics, it makes sense.

There aren’t that many in the Marvel universe that are Little People, so Pip would be the go to character. In addition, Pip (and Adam Warlock) do play a role in the events of the Infinity Gauntlet Saga, so including both of those characters in the upcoming movie is also a no brainer. In the comics, without Warlock, the galaxy’s heroes aren’t able to defeat Thanos, and Pip has a role to play with that as well as the setup of the Infinity Watch to safeguard the Infinity Gems.

Pip was a wise cracking and fun sidekick, so this wouldn’t be a stretch from his Game of Thrones role. However, given Dinklage and his support of Little People, he would most likely object to his character being called a “troll” and simply be “Pip” in the movie.

Uatu the Watcher

This is another role fans think he probably would be cast for. Depending on the drawing of Uatu fans see, he does have an appearance similar to Peter Dinklage. Most of the time, The Watcher is in silence as he usually just observes things, something Dinklage usually doesn’t do as he has charismatic (and talkative) roles.

Uatu spends most of his time on the Blue Side Of The Moon in an abandoned Kree base as he has a fondness for Earth. Although Uatu has a strict policy of non-interference as his duty is to strictly “watch” significant moments in the universe, he sometimes involves himself here and there.

If Uatu appears in the movie (Dinklage or not), it would finally dispel the “Stan Lee is The Watcher” theories that fans have had over the years thanks to Lee’s cameos in all Marvel related movies.


MODOK would be an interesting choice for Peter Dinklage. Given how well he plays Tyrion Lannister, we know that Dinklage would be able to play the supervillain. After all, in Game of Thrones, he showcases his characters ever-evolving intellectual wit which not only keeps his character alive, but allows him to gain more power despite his obstacles. He could do the same as MODOK in the upcoming Avengers sequels.

The only downside is that the character will most likely be CGI and we actually will not see Dinklage on screen. They probably wouldn’t have time to go into MODOK’s origin story (being that Thanos is the primary villain), so we would have no flashback to see him before he became so intelligent that his body could not sustain his increasing head and require a hoverchair.


Moviegoers will be in for quite a shock (if) when they show Thanos’ brother Eros, AKA Starfox. Unlike Thanos, his brother Eros is handsome, well liked, and not a death-worshipping warlord who wants to serve death by killing off the universe. While Thanos is trying to destroy everyting, Eros just wants to have a good time. Eros is charismatic, great with words, and can infect people’s emotions to make them love him. He’s pretty much Tyrion Lannister.

Eros also plays a role in original Infinity Gauntlet saga as one of Thanos’ prisoners once he gains power. When many heroes attempt to stop Thanos, Eros tries to use his psychic powers to convince his brother that he is not a threat, which forces Thanos to remove his mouth.


Now that Marvel has the rights to Ghost Rider back, why not use one of his villains? Although Mephisto is primarily an enemy of Ghost Rider, he did play a significant role in the Infinity Gauntlet saga as he operated as Thanos’ chief advisor, although he was trying to secure the power of the gauntlet for himself. Before the rights came back to Marvel, many thought that Loki would fill that role.

Peter Dinklage would be able to pull this role off once again and instead of using his intelligence and cunning to stay alive (as Tyrion did), he would use it the same way a Lady Macbeth would and convince Thanos to make such terrible decisions that would give our heroes a chance to defeat him.

Doctor Doom

This one is a stretch, considering that the rights are still with Fox. Even after 3 movies, there sill hasn’t been a successful Fantastic Four movie, and even worse, a successful depiction of Victor Von Doom. However, there is some hope that the Latverian dictator will show up in Infinity War. A little while ago the Russo Bros posted a picture on their Facebook that many fans speculated looked similar to Doom’s country. They then quickly deleted the picture adding fuel to the fire. Doom also plays a significant role in the Infinity Gauntlet saga, where he teams up with the heroes to take on Thanos.

If Doom does make it to the MCU and is a surprise, Peter Dinklage would be a great choice for the famed character. Doom is a complex character and Dinklage has the skills to pull it off. Much like Bolivar Trask, the character doesn’t have to have a certain size and can be played by Dinklage. Doom’s power is in his intellect and not his strength.

Cosmic Entities

Part of the third act in the Infinity Gauntlet saga, Thanos faces the galaxy’s most powerful beings. Galactus, The Stranger, Kronos, Epoch, Mistress Love, Sire Hate, two Celestials; Master Order and Lord Chaos. He even faces Eternity as part of a grand battle against the galaxy’s finest.

Doctor Strange already name-dropped The Living Tribunal, so it’s expected that he will pop up in a future Marvel Film. Although this would probably be a motion capture/CGI role, Peter Dinklage could fit as one of these characters. He could probably do both Master Order and Lord Chaos, The Living Tribunal, Eternity, or even the One Above All and fit in any of those roles.

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