7 Things We Learned From The New ‘Jason Bourne’ Trailer

Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne is back in his lamest-titled movie yet! Matt Damon long said would only return if Supremacy and Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass did and he said he’d only return if they had a good enough story. Well, times (and finances) change. Nine years later, their third Bourne film together (the fourth featuring Damon and the fifth in the franchise) looks like an assembly of the series’ greatest hits, from brutal hand-to-hand combat, political undertones and spectacularly visceral car chases. In the same way, this trailer is like the greatest-hits-of-the-greatest-hits, giving glimpses of rogue assassins, gruff authority figures and inanimate household items-turned-deadly weapons. Pretty sweet!

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Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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  • delta_one

    I know we saw it during the Superbowl… but that one-punch knockout. Damn. I’ll be seeing this in theater. Jason Bourne is back.

  • Chris Aytes

    Based on the intro, the writer of this piece clearly already hates the movie. I’ll be sure to never read any of his articles again.

    • delta_one

      Have to admit, I felt the same exact way. I kept reading nonetheless because I’m a huge Bourne fan and open to criticism and at the end the author comes back with this:

      “If they could synthesize Jason Bourne in its purest form, it would be this Jason Bourne trailer. That was pretty excellent!”

      His opinion can be hard to read at times, but he appears to be pretty excited about the trailer at his conclusion.

    • Samuel Patrick Flynn

      I’m sorry you felt my criticism was unwarranted. But I don’t write just to cheerlead movies. I like to offer insights. And I also take pains to point out where the movie can zig where the trailer zags, so this is hardly me hating the movie prematurely. The movie already has my ticket money. If you ever want to discuss movies and trailers critically, I’ll be here, writing about them.