90 Percent Of Theaters Expected To Open In Time For Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’

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90 percent of theaters are expected to open in time for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi film, Tenet.

Since the coronavirus hit the United States, the film industry was effectively grounded to a halt. Productions were shut down and the release dates for television shows and films were pushed back as movie theaters closed their doors. One film that maintained its release date, however, was Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film, Tenet.

Earlier this year, Warner Bros shuffled the release dates of most of their major films. One that was notably absent from this rearranging was Christopher Nolan’s Tenet which maintained its July 17, 2020 release date.  The logic that was put forward was that by the time the film was released, the coronavirus pandemic would have subsided and allowed for business to resume as usual. Now it seems that theaters may be agreeing with this.

According to a report from Business Insider, 90% of movie theaters are expected to reopen in time for the release date of Tenet. This was confirmed by a representative from the National Association of Theatre Owners. How the pandemic will affect the box office performance of the upcoming film, however, remains to be seen.

What do you all make of this report? Should theaters open in July? Will you be seeing Christopher Nolan’s Tenet when it is released? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Here’s the official synopsis for Tenet:

“John David Washington is the new Protagonist in Christopher Nolan’s original sci-fi action spectacle “Tenet.” Armed with only one word—Tenet—and fighting for the survival of the entire world, the Protagonist journeys through a twilight world of international espionage on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real time. Not time travel. Inversion.”

Written and directed by Christopher Nolan, Tenet stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Clémence Poésy, Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh, and Himesh Patel. Christopher Nolan also serves as a producer alongside his wife Emma Thomas, with Thomas Hayslip on board as an executive producer.

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is currently set to be released on July 17, 2020. Stay tuned for all the latest news on the film and be sure to subscribe to Heroic Hollywood’s YouTube channel for more great video content!

Source: Business Insider

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