Aaron Paul Shoots Down Possibility Of ‘Breaking Bad’ Sequel Series After ‘El Camino’

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Aaron Paul shot down the possibility of a Breaking Bad sequel series after the Netflix film El Camino.

Next week, Breaking Bad fans will finally learn what happened to Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman after the series finale of the AMC hit in Netflix’s El Camino. Taking place shortly after the events of Breaking Bad‘s final episode, El Camino will follow Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman as he evades authorities and searches for freedom after being held captive to cook meth.

While some fans are hoping El Camino could lead to a sequel series for Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul shot down the possibility during an interview with The Guardian. While discussing the hunger for a continuation of Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul noted that fans can “put that dream away” with the release of El Camino:

“People were just so passionate, and wanted answers. Asking when the next series of Breaking Bad was gonna be – you can put that dream away – wanting to know what happens to Jesse. And what happened to Jesse.”

Are you hoping to see the Breaking Bad story continue after El Camino or will the Netflix enough to satisfy you? Let us know below!

Here is Netflix’s official synopsis for Aaron Paul’s El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie:

In the wake of his dramatic escape from captivity, Jesse must come to terms with his past in order to forge some kind of future.” “Breaking Bad” showrunner Vince Gilligan wrote and directed the movie, which brings back familiar faces from the show’s universe such as Jesse’s friends Skinny Pete (Charles Baker) and Badger (Matt L. Jones).

Written and directed by Vince Gilligan, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie stars Aaron Paul, Charles Baker, Matt Jones, and Jonathan Banks. The film is said to feature appearances by more than 10 characters from Breaking Bad.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie will be released on Netflix on October 11 before airing on AMC.

Source: The Guardian

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