J.J. Abrams Reflects On Carrie Fisher’s Tribute At Golden Globes

Carrie Fisher
One the most emotional moments of last night’s 74th Golden Globes Awards was the tribute clip in honor of Carrie Fisher and mother Debbie Reynolds, composed of mainly old footage of both in various roles and even some behind the scenes takes that filled the room with emotions provoked by the talent displayed by the duo over the years.

One of the many to praise Fisher after the tribute was J.J. Abrams who directed the actress in 2014’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

‘It was beautiful and not long enough,’ he continued. ‘She was extraordinary and it’s impossible to to really quantify the impact she had on not just legions of movies and books, but also her friends. “The wisdom, the wit, the heart. She was like no other, so she’s deeply missed.’

Although their most recent collaboration was just a few year ago, Abrams reveled that he had already met the late Carrie Fisher in the 90’s.

“I knew her actually since ’96,” Abrams said. “Working with her, I got to know her better because it was as intense as it was. I feel truly blessed that I had the opportunity to work with her and be a friend.”

You can watch the tribute video below.

Carrie Fisher passed away last December at the age of 60 due to a heart failure. She is survived by her daughter, Billie Lourd.

Source: People

Luis Espinoza

Luis Espinoza

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