According To Greedo ‘Han Shot First’


Happy May The 4th Star Wars Fans!

In honor this holiday, a major question within the Star Wars universe might be closer to a final answer. During the remaster “special edition” original trilogy films, one scene was changed and to this day it doesn’t sit well with fans. In this now infamous scene, Greedo fired a blaster shot before Han Solo does.

Paul Blake, who played Greedo in the original trilogy, spoke with New York Daily news and added that in the original script, Han shot first.

“It said it all in the original script, we played the scene in English and at the end of the scene, it reads, ‘Han shoots the alien.’ It’s all it says and that’s what happened. It would be lovely to see them go back to the original version, I much preferred it, I must say. And it does give Greedo a little more glory if he’s just blown away.”

Blake even joked that Lucas made some “inept” changes to Greedo’s look and that his aim could have improved.

“He’s a worse shot than a stormtrooper!”

Let us know how you are celebrating May the 4th! Let’s talk all things Star Wars.

Source: New York Daily News 

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