James Gunn Confirms Adam Warlock Connection In First ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn confirmed a connection between the first film and famed comic character Adam Warlock via Easter Egg.

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Guardians of the Galaxy fans have just had another Easter Egg delivered to their doorstep regarding one Adam Warlock (well, at least one confirmed, anyway).

Via Twitter, Guardians of the Galaxy franchise director James Gunn confirmed a small link between the first film in the series and comic character Adam Warlock, who’s essentially been confirmed for the third installment of Marvel’s smash-hit space series.

If you’ll recall from the first film, the Guardians visit Tanleer Tivan/The Collector’s collection, where a myriad of exactly-placed Easter Eggs were hidden by Gunn and the film’s creative team. One in particular caught fans’ attention – a cocoon-like structure that many fans felt was the nesting place of one Adam Warlock, one of the famed members of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

If you’ve seen the newest Guardians film, you know one of the film’s post-credits scenes revealed Warlock’s eventual birthing pod was created by Sovereign High Priestness, Ayesha (Elizabeth Debicki). So, no dice on the fan theory that was Warlock in the first film.

But, Gunn confirmed on Twitter that the cocoon-like structure was indeed an early attempt by the Sovereign to create their genetically-altered super-beings, so hypothetically, that could have been Warlock’s cousin, or granddad, or distant relative. But, indeed, the first film contained a ladder that could be climbed into a future where Warlock was a part of the film’s wide array of characters.

Fans don’t know how Warlock will factor into the Guardians’ future exploits, but one could assume, at least at first, Warlock will be part of Ayesha’s grand plan to exact revenge on the Guardians, who got the best out of her and the Sovereign by film’s end.

You can still check out the hint of what’s to come with Warlock on the big screen, as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is still on its theatrical run. And, you can see this Sovereign relic up close at The Collector’s shop through Disneyland’s new ride Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!, now open for business on the West Coast.

Source: James Gunn