Sounds Like Ben Affleck & Geoff John’s ‘Batman’ Script Is Finished; Said To Feature ‘Really Cool Idea’ For The Character

batman v superman ben affleck bannerWhile there has yet to be any confirmation on the matter, word hit  around since last year’s San Diego Comic-Con that Ben Affleck & DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns were working on the script for a stand alone Batman film, with Affleck tentatively attached to direct. Even recently Affleck, while not directly stating that was what the project was, stated that he was working on something with Geoff Johns.

Well, it appears we now have some solid confirmation that Affleck has indeed been working on the film’s script and from the sounds of things it may be finished. While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, WME’s co-CEO Patrick Whitesell revealed just how many films Affleck has signed on for in the DCEU as well as commenting on the script that he has been working on.

He’s contracted to do at least Justice League One and Two, so at least three times wearing the cape, there’s a script that he’s written that is a really cool [Batman] idea, so that’s out there as an option.

Regardless of how people have felt about Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, the majority agree that one of the film’s strongest points is Ben Affleck’s take on The Dark Knight. With that kind of positive response out there, I’d definitely say that it really is only a short matter of time before Warner Bros. finally announces this project officially. Sound off with your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below

Source: THR

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

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  • Jake Bucsko

    So Ben Affleck wrote a Batman script, and in that script is a “cool idea” ? Sounds great! That’s much better than scripts that don’t have cool ideas!

    • Hinscher

      All I took from thsi article is that we are basically guaranteed 100% that JL1 and 2 are coming out and not being cancelled.

      THis is Ben Affleck. If you got a huge actor like that signed on for 2 huge blockbuster movies, you do not reboot, restart or cancel like Spiderman or Fantastic 4, ect.

      • JMMagwood

        Why would it be cancelled? BvS is a hit.

        • Marquis de Sade

          Not anymore it ain’t!

  • Joseph Chaisson

    I would love to see a crime mystery based Batman story. Maybe the villain could be Hush with a Seven vibe.

    • Hinscher

      Hard not to imagine Joker being the main villain. Seeing as they have already cast him, and his popularity.
      I would prefer to start with someone else, but you don’t just have an actor sit on the sidelines for 10 years. And I don’t see Joker being really a part of JL1 or 2 or any other movies, besides Suicide Squad. And even if they do a sequel, hate to have him be a chaos card each movie.

      • Joseph Chaisson

        I would love a Death of the family movie.

      • batghost

        I agree. They should save a major Joker showdown for later. The first stand alone Batman flick should be a breakout at Arkham Asylum with a few of the big and even small villians from Batmans rogues gallery escaping and wreaking havoc. We know this Batman is older and has been for awhile. So to have a bunch of villians break out wouldn’t require a whole lot of backstory to all of them. It could all be found out that it was orchestrated by the Joker or even give him a cameo within the film. That way they tease the Joker without taking the easy step of going right into it. Build up some tension, ya dig?

  • jollybrah

    Make. It. Happen.

  • Brian Holland

    Affleck is now my favourite big screen Batman!