‘Agents of Shield’ Star Talks Ghost Rider, Evolution

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is about to begin its fourth season and a certain popular character will be making his MCU debut in the premiere episode: Ghost Rider. While many will be familiar with the character’s powers through the two Nicholas Cage led feature films, this iteration will be a different beast. Instead of Johnny Blaze, Robbie Reyes will be surrendering his soul for the Devil and Shield star Chloe Bennet recently took the time to discuss that particular direction of the series with CBR.

“I wasn’t familiar with the Robbie Reyes version. I was familiar with the Johnny version. I’ve become familiar with the Robbie Reyes version, and I think it’s really exciting. It’s exciting for the Latin American community. I think it’s exciting to have that extra diversity on our show. I’m a big advocate of representing all communities of people on our show. So I think Gabe [Luna] is also really excited about that. Gabe’s awesome. There’s definitely going to be some badass fights happening.”

Bennet also didn’t shy away from discussing her own characters. (Mild Spoilers Ahead) Last year’s season 3 finale saw a flash forward in which Bennet’s Daisy Johnson appeared to have reverted to her pre-SHIELD days as a rogue agent with Agent Coulson and Mack Mackenzie on her back.

“Daisy’s gone rouge. She’s really mourning. She’s really in pain. Everyone she’s gotten close to has actually died, so I think she feels like her way of protecting the team – and Coulson, Simmons, Fitz, May, and Mack – is to really just distance herself from them, because I thinks she feels like that’s the only way she can keep them safe.”

In addition to her own role, Bennet feels everything on the show has become a new beginning in a way.

“You know, it really feels that we’ve kind of closed all of the loose ends from the first season to the third season. Now, there’s kind of a reset button on our show, and everything’s gotten a breath of fresh air now – or a breath of fire!”

Sounds like fans will have much to enjoy during the season premiere tonight!

Source: CBR

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