‘Akira’ Creator Has One Major Condition For Live-Action Adaptation

Katsuhiro Otomo, creator of the iconic manga 'Akira' isn't 100 percent on board for a live-action adaptation for his story.

Akira is one of the most iconic manga stories of all-time. The series, written and illustrated by Katsuhiro Otomo was adapted into a 1988 animated film of the same name, also directed by Otomo.

An American live-action adaptation of Akira has long been in development at Warner Bros. In fact, the studio was eyeing Get Out director Jordan Peele to tackle the project. Peele turned down the job and will instead direct another social thriller for Universal Pictures.

Many fans of Akira are on pins and needles waiting for Warner Bros. to finally get the ball rolling on the film. As for Akira‘s creator Otomo, he’s not entirely sold on seeing someone else adapt his series in live-action form.

While I haven’t seen the new live-action Ghost in the Shell, when it comes to Akira I have already finished the original manga and my own anime version too. So in that sense, I am basically done with Akira.If someone wants to do something new with Akira then I am mostly okay with that. As I accepted the offer for a live-action Akira to be made, so I am generally okay with whatever they want to do with it. However, I did give one major condition to a live-action version and that is that I had to check and approve the scenario.

Otomo’s perspective on the matter makes sense. Obviously, no one knows what’s best for the story than the creator himself. But at the same time, Akira can still succeed as a live-action film if a solid storyteller is brought onto the project. Sure, it needs to stay true to the original source material, but that shouldn’t stop the writer(s) and director from making it its own thing.

What do you guys think of Otomo’s stance on the Akira live-action film? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Forbes 

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