Alan Tudyk Discusses Working On ‘Rogue One’


Move over, BB-8 for there is a new droid in the galaxy, and his name is K-2SO. With Rogue One just a little over three months away, we are slowly getting introduced to new characters that are now part of Star Wars history. One of them is this new droid portrayed by actor Alan Tudyk.

Tudyk has some sci-fi credibility, having played Hoban “Wash” Washburne in the television series Firefly as well as the film adaptation, Serenity. He also appeared in the film I, Robot with Will Smith as the robot Sonny. Now, Tudyk has the privilege to be part of one of the most significant franchises in cinematic history, once again playing a robot.

The actor was recently featured at a Q&A session at Fan Expo Canada. Obviously, Tudyk was asked questions regarding his role as K-2SO in the Gareth Edwards-directed film. Although he has not shared any new concrete information about the movie, Tudyk discussed his experience on the production. For one, he found some inspiration from his role in I, Robot. 

I had done Sonny in I, Robot, but I don’t even know if that’s why they thought of me, ‘Get that robot actor!’ What’s great about Star Wars is that droids have such an amazing history. They’re such characters, not that Sonny wasn’t a character, but it was a Will Smith movie, and K-2SO is another in a line of great, great droids and I was very excited to play him.

Although this new era of Star Wars films has had an emphasis on the return to practical effects, K-2SO was brought to life through motion capture. While filming, Tudyk had to use special stilts while wearing the mo-cap suit.

He’s 7’1″ and his arms are really spindle-y, there was no way to do that as a suit.

I was by cliff once and you can’t wear stilts there, because you’ll die if you make one wrong step. So they had this backpack, which ended up being known as the backpack of shame…it had this head that was up where his head should be.

Tudyk recalled that the backpack led to a humorous moment between him and actor Diego Luna.

The first time I wore it he goes, ‘Alan, it is terrible what has happened. Everyone respected you just a moment ago, now they just feel sorry for you. Could you please take that ridiculous backpack off, it is upsetting the entire crew.’

From the sounds of it, Alan Tudyk had a great time on the set of Rogue One. He could not believe what he was seeing around him, with all the incredible make-up and creature designs walking throughout the environment. And now that Tudyk is portraying a new droid, which was always a central part of the saga, he has a firm understanding on the significance of K-2SO.

Droids have such an amazing history in their movies and their real characters. K-2SO is another in the line of great, great droids.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story comes to a galaxy near you on December 16.

Source: SWNNStar Wars Underworld; Nerd Bastards



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