‘Supergirl’: Alex Danvers Is Original Character Andrew Kreisberg Is Most Proud Of

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If you’ve watched Supergirl at all you know that Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) is a bona fide badass. As Supergirl’s sister, Alex was an original character created by Arrowverse executive producer Andrew Kreisberg and co. when they were first conceptualizing the TV series for CBS. Now on The CW with the other DC mainstays – The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of TomorrowSupergirl and Alex Danvers are continuing to take off in meaningful ways.

In season two, the Supergirl writers and showrunners have spent more time developing Alex’s character by introducing her life outside of the DEO. In fact, Alex has had quite the story arc devoted to her this season as the character came out as gay and found a new relationship with Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima). Beyond that, Alex Danvers has continued to wipe the floor with baddies and play big sis to the show’s protagonist, Kara Danvers/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist).

Now, Kreisberg has declared that Alex Danvers is in fact the original character he is most proud of, eclipsing John Diggle (David Ramsey) for the title.

“I had previously been most proud of Dig. Now, it’s definitely Alex. I think that we’re just the lucky guys and girls who get to tell this leg of the characters’ journeys. You sort of just hope that you can add to it and add to the collective story that is told over so many decades. The idea, like with Green Arrow, that John Diggle has become part of his universe. Now Diggle is in the comic books not written by us. People have just embraced that character.”

It’s Kreisberg’s hope that Alex (and Diggle) will become part of Supergirl (and Green Arrow) lore and storytelling moving forward.

“And that future generations of Green Arrow storytellers might have John Diggle as part of his world is just so cool to us,” Kreisberg added. “Similarly, with Alex, that Supergirl has never really had a sister before and yet hopefully now people feel like that relationship is almost indispensable to interpretations of her.”

As for why Alex is now his favorite? Well, Kreisberg also knows what a badass she is.

“And I think Alex is one of my favorite characters I’ve ever gotten to write. I think that what’s so interesting about her is that Alex would be the star of her own show, except for the fact that her sister is Supergirl. She’s a doctor and an alien fighting secret agent. If she played an instrument, she’d be Buckaroo Banzai. She’s this amazing character and she’s only overshadowed by the fact that her sister is the Girl of Steel. And I think that’s so interesting that she’s both her sister’s protector, and teacher, and confidant. But then can’t do half the things that Kara can do and yet is so resourceful on her own. I just think she’s just such an amazingly interesting, complex, and funny, and deep, and emotional. And just the journey that she went through regarding her own sexuality this year. She’s never not interesting. There’s no situation you can put her in where I don’t think she’s the most interesting person in the room.”

If you weren’t able to catch tonight’s new episode of Supergirl, aptly titled “Alex,” I highly suggest checking it out when you get a chance. Of course, you can catch Alex and gang saving the day during next Monday’s new episode as well.

“City of Lost Children” – (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (Content Rating TBD) (HDTV)

“THIS IS US” LONNIE CHAVIS GUEST STARS – When an alien attacks National City, Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and the DEO learn the alien is a Phorian, an otherwise peaceful race with telekinetic powers. Guardian (Mehcad Brooks) gets a lead on the Phorian’s address but instead of finding the culprit, he finds a very scared boy named Marcus (guest star Lonnie Chavis). Marcus will only trust James so it is up to Guardian to stop the attacks on the city. Rhea’s (Teri Hatcher) plan escalates. Ben Bray directed the episode with story by Robert Rovner and teleplay by Gabriel Llanas & Anna Musky-Goldwyn (#220). Original airdate 5/8/2017.”

Source: Comicbook.com

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