‘Alien: Covenant’ International Poster Shows Off Its Stars And Monster

Alien: Covenant is just over a month away and the marketing machine remains in full-swing, with a new international (Korean, specifically) poster popping up today via AvPGalaxy touting the film’s stars and its titular monster. Check out the full poster below


It’s a pretty cool shot, as far as these photoshop jobs go, and shows off Katherine Waterston’s lead Daniels front-and-center, looking armed and determined. She’s flanked by returning star Michael Fassbender, who plays both his Prometheus robot David and a newer model aboard the titular colony ship named Walter, and fellow newcomer Billy Crudup, who plays Christiopher Oram the newly-promoted captain of the Covenant. They are framed within the iconic head of the Alien, which makes a triumphantly-terrifying return in Ridley Scott’s second in the prequel series to his seminal 1979 sci-fi/horror classic.

The marketing machine is in full-swing for this baby and I can’t wait to see how Scott and company took the lessons learned from Prometheus and applied them to Covenant. The trailers and broader marketing all seemed based on the broader consensus: you wanted the Xenomorph, here is the Xenomorph. Plus, it doesn’t seem like we’ll have to wait another five years for the next entry, as Scott has been letting slip details about as many as six (6!) further films, including a possible title for the next one, Alien: Awakening. The script for that one is supposedly ready to go for production next year. With Scott making the kidnapping drama All the Money in the World next and The Cartel and Battle of Britain movies announced, it remains to be seen where Awakening (or whatever the next Alien film is subtitled) falls in his shifting schedule.

Directed by Ridley Scott, Alien Covenant hits theaters May 19 and stars Waterston, Fassbender, Crudup, Danny McBride, James Franco, Demian Bichir, Jussie Smollett, Amy Semeitz, Carmen Ejogo, Callie Hernandez, Alexander England, Nathaniel Dean, Benjamin Rigby, Uli Latukefu, Tess Haubrich, Matt Scaletti, Noomi Rapace, and Guy Pearce.

Source: AvP Galaxy

‘Alien’ Films Ranked From Worst To Best

____53a1c8188d461The Alien Franchise has become a massive success ever since the first film was released back in 1979. A small but intimate film that changed horror and sci-fi cinema. The Alien known as the Xenomorph has become a part of the cultural zeitgeist with as much popularity as the greatest horror and sci-fi characters. The Xenomorphs in these films are almost more popular than the films themselves so much so that they have been a part of crossovers with the Predator series as well. With the release of the trailer to Alien: Covenant it is the perfect time to look back at this franchise and see which ones remain the best out of all of them.

This list will not include the Alien Vs. Predator films seeing as they are their own separate crossover series. So without further ado here is are the Alien Films Ranked From Worst To Best!

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