Fox Currently Reassessing ‘Alien: Covenant’ Sequels

With Alien: Covenant being considered a box-office failure, Fox is currently reevaluating the state of future films in the Alien franchise.

AlienAlien: Covenant will likely remain the most decisive film of the summer, with many praising Ridley Scott’s return to horror/action, with others believing it doesn’t hold a candle to the original films.

Regardless of what you feel about the film, it was considered a financial disappointment, making only $232 million worldwide. When compared to the film’s prequel Prometheus, it pales in comparison to its worldwide haul of $403 million.

During the early days of Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott professed that he would be making 1 to 3 sequels to the films, essentially creating his own origin trilogy that would lead up to the original Alien.

However, Scott’s plans may be put on hold as The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Fox is currently “reassessing” the two sequels that Scott has pitched to the studio.

The idea of “reassessing” the franchise is vague, but it certainly shows that the studio isn’t afraid to scrap the two forthcoming sequels if it comes to that. Covenant ended on a pretty heavy cliff-hanger and it would be disappointing to see Scott’s vision not fully realized.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter