Fox Currently Reassessing ‘Alien: Covenant’ Sequels

AlienAlien: Covenant will likely remain the most decisive film of the summer, with many praising Ridley Scott’s return to horror/action, with others believing it doesn’t hold a candle to the original films.

Regardless of what you feel about the film, it was considered a financial disappointment, making only $232 million worldwide. When compared to the film’s prequel Prometheus, it pales in comparison to its worldwide haul of $403 million.

During the early days of Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott professed that he would be making 1 to 3 sequels to the films, essentially creating his own origin trilogy that would lead up to the original Alien.

However, Scott’s plans may be put on hold as The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Fox is currently “reassessing” the two sequels that Scott has pitched to the studio.

The idea of “reassessing” the franchise is vague, but it certainly shows that the studio isn’t afraid to scrap the two forthcoming sequels if it comes to that. Covenant ended on a pretty heavy cliff-hanger and it would be disappointing to see Scott’s vision not fully realized.

What are your thoughts on Fox re-evaluating the Alien franchise? Did you like Alien: Covenant? Comment below and let us know!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

10 Sub-Genres We Want To See In Superhero Films

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Superhero genre cover imageSuperhero films have existed since the 1920s (if you count Zorro) and have always been a part of our public lexicon. However, recently, superhero films have had an exponential uptick in production, thanks to CGI and film budgets finally being able to accurately keep up with our imagination. Currently, the superhero film is the mainstream blockbuster. Ever since Iron Man hit theaters way back in 2008, the amount of modern-day superhero films has continued to grow. Sure, there were superhero films before that, from Superman in 1978 and Batman in 1989, as well as Blade in the late 90s to X-Men in the early 2000s, and Sam Rami’s Spider-Man trilogy. But now, superhero films are the dominant form of pop culture entertainment. This year alone, there are 7 superhero movies hitting theaters. It’s a good time to be a geek! Many of our favorite characters growing up are now getting their due on the big screen.

As we are now knee-deep in the age of the superhero film, these projects also have the potential to oversaturate the market. There’s always talk of “superhero fatigue” and some even predicting that superhero films will go the way of the Western by showing the same thing over and over again. After all, there are only so many ways heroes can face off against a villain to stop a “sky beam” before things get stale.

Luckily for us, the superhero genre has ways of reinventing itself by introducing new sub-genres in these films. Captain America: The Winter Soldier gave us a political thriller wrapped in a superhero movie. Ant-Man gave us a heist film disguised as a superhero movie. Doctor Strange gave us a film of sorcery. Guardians of the Galaxy gave us a space-opera. Man of Steel gave us a darker edge of heroics and the calamity that they can cause (which Captain America: Civil War also did). Of course, Logan knocked it out of the park by giving us a superhero Western. The Batman is promising to be a noir film while The New Mutants and Sony’s Venom are expected to be full-on horror films.

So, there are obviously a lot of places that the superhero genre can continue to evolve and grow upon. Here are a few sub-genres that could exist in future superhero films. Click Next to take a look….

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Aahil Dayani

Aahil Dayani

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  • Peter James

    They should have gone with Blompkamp’s sequel idea instead.

    At least they might have had Sigourney Weaver and Michael Beihn, to help give it some cred.

    Sadly for them Ridley Scott’s ego got in the way.

    • jk12

      Let’s hope It isn’t too late. The Blompkamp/Weaver project may now have a chance to be revived!

  • Thomas H Cullen

    Alien Covenant is the best in the series, so it should have a sequel

    • Lee Wilson

      The best? You obviously aren’t a fan. Or your 17

  • Splinter76

    “Decisive” or “Divisive”?

  • Rick Zaccaro

    Time to resurrect ALIEN 5! It’s what the fans really want. Let Scott finish his prequel trilogy later.