Andrew Lincoln Discusses Future Conflict With Negan On ‘Walking Dead’

Season six of AMC’s The Walking Dead left audiences in the middle of an epic cliffhanger and our beloved characters facing an enemy unlike any before. Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, is looking forward to the intense conflict that is going to develop between Rick and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) during this season.

“If we follow the comic book, then there’s a super badass conflict between Negan and us, and I think that’s certainly something that I think will trump anything we’ve attempted before in the show.”

Lincoln added that he likes that the world of Dead continues to expand. The survivors of the apocalypse are facing new groups and communities, along with the constant threat of “the walkers.”

“From the comic books, the thing I really liked is that the world expands and you meet all these different communities. And each community is different — they’re benevolent, they’re oppressive — but they’re described by the leader and how they set up their own philosophies and ideology.”

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly and opened up about season seven. He added that season seven will also explore some of the groups that have been around as long as Rick and his crew, so it will be interesting to see what’s going to happen once they cross paths with the ones they haven’t met yet:

“What we’re finding is there’s a lot of civilization out there. There are smaller groups here and there that actually have been thriving and it gets to be a little exciting because we’re going to be seeing how they’ve been surviving, and a lot of them have been getting by in a much different way than Rick and his group. So we’re meeting these people that have lived in this apocalyptic situation for as long as Rick Grimes and his crew, who we’ve been following since day one, but we haven’t seen their evolution and their progression. And so some of them grow to be like Negan’s group, some of them grow to be like Ezekiel’s group, some of them grow to be like Gregory’s group at the Hilltop, and the differences between these groups, and their ways of life, is going to be a lot of fun to explore this season.”

The Walking Dead will return on Sunday, October 23 at 9/8c on AMC.


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