Andrew Lincoln Says Negan Breathes Terrifying Life into ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead

With the brand new Season of ‘The Walking Dead‘ mere weeks away, the cast have been ramping up the anticipation for the arrival of Negan as a main villain. Andrew Lincoln has made some bold statements about his role in the show and how much of a game-changer it is.

“It’s such a great part and it’s so beautifully written. And he’s such an important part of the show, this character, that we needed an actor that could step up and take the bull by the horns and drag it forward, and make it his own. And certainly, that’s what we have this season.I think everybody got a sense of what this actor is capable of in the last episode. But rest assured that that’s really just the beginning of what Jeffrey is creating.

It’s very impressive and it’s great fun to work with him.Without the baddest of the bad guys, it wouldn’t be the same show. And I think it’s breathed a new terrifying life into the show, and at no better time. What an extraordinary thing, to wait seven seasons to reveal the baddest of the bad guys.”

It sounds like the introduction of Negan will be the catalyst that ‘The Walking Dead’ needs so that it doesn’t become stale and overdone. If the actor’s appraisal is anything to go by, it sounds like Jeffrey Dean Morgan might be sweeping up those awards next year. We’ve been getting plenty information about what to expect from the latest season, but what about the most important question… Who ends up meeting Lucille? Whoever it is, it’s likely that Negan is going to revel in every single moment. Could he end up being the greatest ‘The Walking Dead’ villain yet? It seems to be heading that way.

‘The Walking Dead’ returns on Sunday, October 23 at 9/8c on AMC

Source: EW

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