Peyton Reed Discusses ‘Ant-Man’ Success, The Falcon & Giant-Man

Peyton Reed recently discussed the success of Ant-Man's first cinematic solo outing and the possibility of seeing Giant-Man.

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As they did with Guardians of the Galaxy last year, many speculated that Ant-Man would be the first Marvel Studios film to “fail” at the box office. However, the film has gone on to be a massive success for the studio, making more than the first films of some of their more popular characters.  So, how does director Peyton Reed feel about the film’s success? While speaking with USA Today, Reed had the following to say on the matter.

“Obviously I didn’t want to be the first Marvel movie that tanked, but it was nice. I feel like audiences responded to what we were trying to do, which was to do a little bit more of an intimate superhero movie about fathers and daughters.”

Probably one of the most talked about scenes in the film was the fight between Scott Lang and Sam WIlson. When asked about the decision to include Anthony Mackie’s The Falcon, Peyton Reed had the following to say about why this Avenger was the right one to appear in the film.

“Bringing Falcon into the movie really was when Paul Rudd and Adam McKay were starting the rewrites and we were talking about elements that we wanted to add. We were doing a heist movie and one of the tropes is that trial by fire where everything is organized with the heist but, oh, there’s this one piece of technology we don’t have and we have to send our hero into this situation to get it and he might not be fully prepared. It made sense to pit Scott Lang against something or somebody before he was really ready. We talked a lot about who it could be and Falcon just felt like the right thing. We all loved Anthony Mackie in (the Captain America sequel) Winter Soldier, and we all loved the idea of Mackie and Rudd squaring off. What would the combination of their two powers be like? It started to feel organic to our movie. Marvel never ever came and said, “You’ve gotta work Thor into the movie!” There was none of that stuff. We came to them saying, “This feels like it could be very very cool.” And as a kid who grew up reading those comic books, that’s the stuff I love. Also, Anthony Mackie is very funny in our movie, and I like the idea that Scott Lang is tasked with getting this piece of equipment, he’s got to come up against the Falcon but he’s also a fanboy so he’s kind of apologizing when he’s fighting him.”

The filmmaker then went on to say that he’s “doubly excited” for the sequel and that they are going to do some “very different things“. Could one of those things be the introduction of Giant-Man, which is a rumor floating around currently, introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? When asked about this specific aspect Peyton Reed stated that’s “the thing about Hank Pym and Scott Lang in the comics. There’s so much stuff — there’s like 50 years of source material to choose from, so we’re being smart about what we’re going to do with the movie. But there’s some very weird stuff in store for these characters.” Weird stuff? Count me in. Let us know what you think about Reed’s comments and what you hope to see in the sequel in the box below.

Source: USA Today

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