Anthony Mackie Shuts Down Marvel TV & Film Crossover Potential

Marvel actor, Anthony Mackie, isn't very positive about the outlook of a crossover between the Avengers and Defenders in a future movie.

Netflix Marvel Defenders
If you’re anything like me, then you were probably hoping to see some sort of cameo from the Defenders in Avengers: Infinity War. The dream of seeing all of the Marvel characters together, including the X-Men, will probably always be a fantasy, but there was reason to believe that Daredevil might show up in a MCU film. Even this wish has been slowly crushed by a number of people within Marvel Studios, and now Anthony Mackie decided to join the conversation.

Mackie, who plays Falcon in the MCU films, told ScreenGeek:

“Different universes, different worlds, different companies, different designs. Kevin Feige is very specific about how he wants the Marvel Universe to be seen in the film world. It wouldn’t work. It wouldn’t work at all.”

That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement for a potential crossover between the two branches of the MCU. Unfortunately, this is the same general statement that has been said for the past year or two in regard to this issue, but it’s interesting how extreme Mackie seems to take it. Obviously, the TV shows and films are not taking place in “different universes” or “different worlds.” Still, It seems like Feige and gang do not want to have to deal with the tonal discrepancies between these properties. In some ways I understand that being an issue, but I would still die to see just a quick cut of the Defenders fighting in Infinity War. There doesn’t have to be narrative behind it necessarily.

ScreenGeek also reported just a few months ago on Charlie Cox’s comments regarding a crossover:

“I’d love that too. Those Easter eggs are thrilling to me. As they are to all of you guys, the fans. Sadly, Elden and myself have not been invited to the conversations that take place where they make those decisions. So, until we are invited to those conversations, we have no idea what’s going to happen.”

Clearly, there is a bit of a disconnect between each side of the debate. We might have to just wait and see if a crossover ever does happen.

Iron Fist just debuted on Netflix, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, out on May 5, is the next Marvel Studios film. Keep checking Heroic Hollywood for any more news on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Source: ScreenGeek