‘Aquaman’ & ‘Justice League’ Writer Will Beall Talks Tone Of Both Films

While Warner Bros. looks to the future of the DC Extended Universe with upcoming films including as Wonder Woman and Justice League, the discussion among fans is still dominated by the tone of the forthcoming projects, especially considering the criticism Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad endured for their dark and gloomy aesthetic. Aquaman screenwriter Will Beall, who also penned an early draft of Justice League, spoke to Collider about both projects and insisted both films will mark a tonal shift for the DCEU.

Beall teased the tone and scope of Aquaman while praising director James Wan’s approach to the film.

It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be really fun. What we’ve come up with and James [Wan] especially — he has a really clear idea of the tone he’s going to have, and I think Aquaman is one that’s going to blow people’s minds, not just visually, but I think the story and the scope of it is really great.

Beall also discussed the technological advancements that have made production on the film possible.

What’s interesting is that you couldn’t have done it before. You know, you could do Batman in 1988, but now you have the technology, and it’s going to be cool.

Though Beall’s script for Justice League was scrapped, he still promised it will be a more lighthearted entry in the DCEU.

“I think Justice League again is, what you’re going to see — I hope I’m not going to get in trouble for saying this — but it’s much more fun, much poppier, than … I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, but Batman vs Superman was a little more somber. But Justice League is a lot more fun. And I think that feels to me like the direction those movies are heading now.

Though recent photos and reports on the films plot still suggest an aesthetically and narrative dark feature, Beall is just the latest member of the DCEU’s behind-the-scenes team to promise a brighter tone for future DC Comics based films.

Directed by James Wan, Aquaman stars Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard and William Dafoe.

Directed by Directed by Zack Snyder, Justice League stars Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, Jeremy Irons, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Jesse Eisenberg, Connie Nielsen, J.K. Simmons, Amber Heard, Kiersey Clemons, Willem Dafoe and Ciarán Hinds.

Aquaman is scheduled to be released in theaters on October 5, 2018.

Justice League will be released in theaters on November 17, 2017.

Source: Collider

Sebastian Peris

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  • Antonio

    For those confused, fun doesn’t mean childish and kiddy, it means enjoyable for ALL ages. BvS and SS were entirely to dark and somber in tone and structure to simply be enjoyed as a straight forward comic book film, it was too much subliminal plots and hidden messages that comic book fans didn’t catch which is why those films received such negative reviews and were consisted cluttered, rushed and unfinished. WB has definitely learned from that mistake. Wonder Woman, Justice League, Aquaman and The Flash will definitetly still explore serious subject matter but won’t be as dark and somber. The MCU and Disney could’ve went extremely dark and somber with the Thor films, Iron Man 3, Winter Soldier, Civil War and Age of Ultron but choose a more “fun” approach to visuals, performances and storytelling which is why they’re appealing to larger and more diverse audiences. WB needs to capture the true essence of its comic book characters and expand from that and not radically change them for the sake of being edgy and different. People won’t care if Superman is hopeful and won’t cause so much collateral damage because thats his character, the same with Batman not killing people. You see how wel received Wonder Woman was because Gal Gadot was allowed to fully embrace Wonder Woman as a warrior who loves fight, not as a frail female who doubts herself. To sum it all up, I believe Wonder Woman and Justice League will definitely change the DCEU for the better both crucially and financially. I see Wonder Woman doing at least $850 mil WW and JL at least 1 billion

    • Antonio

      I meant to say that non comic book fans didn’t catch

    • Flidais

      BvS should have earned more than 1 billion, while the tone is never the problem

      • SAMURAI36

        Maybe if WB had threatened the theaters to hike up the prices on the tickets like Disney does for their Marvel and Star Wars films, then it’d have cleared the billion mark.

        • Flidais

          Marvel bribed Razzie and rotten tomatoe is jabberwocky, don’t try to make excuse

          • SAMURAI36

            I’m sure you’re saying something relevant here, but unfortunately you.re mot, so there’s that. BVS is killing all of Marvel’s films in home video sales, so that means the masses like the film more than the internet would have you believe. Let that sink in.

          • Flidais

            Warcraft is one of most pirated movie, so is it more popular than Suicide Squad and Finding Dory? Or people just want to take a look out of curiosity or dissatisfaction for the theater version while aware how WB eager for money

          • SAMURAI36

            The fact that you’re comparing people pirating something, to people spending $20-$30 to OWN something, shows that you’re not even qualified to have this discussion.

          • Flidais

            those requiring people to buy the expended version are just greedy and incompetent for complaining the limit of time or words in test after failed to satisfy the curious irrationals

        • Axxell

          Oh that’s a new excuse…nice one. Almost seems like you know what the heII you’re talking about…