‘Aquaman’: Official Production Start Date Revealed

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With James Wan‘s Aquaman gearing up to start filming at the Village Roadshow Studios in Australia, the film’s production start date has been revealed.

According to My Entertainment World, James Wan’s Aquaman will begin production in May 2017. As previously reported, filming will not only take place in Australia, but also in Italy, as Wan will shoot several scenes for the project at the Castle of Venus, which is located in the town of Erice in the province of Trapani on the island of Sicily.

The highly-anticipated DC Films project will include a stunt team led by Keir Beck, who recently talked about their preparation for the highly anticipated movie. Beck and his team previously worked on George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road.

Earlier this month, Wan announced that Watchmen star Patrick Wilson has joined Aquaman as Orm, a.k.a Ocean Master. In the comics, Orm is the villainous half-brother of the titular character, played by Jason Momoa. The two actors will be joined by Amber Heard and Willem Dafoe, who will be playing Mera and Vulko, respectively.

Aquaman opens in theaters on October 5, 2018. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the upcoming movie and the DC Extended Universe!

Source: My Entertainment World

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