Armie Hammer Addresses Those Green Lantern Rumors

Armie Hammer Teases Potential Green Lantern Role

For months now, Armie Hammer has been rumored to be playing Green Lantern. But that’s only because the actor, known for roles in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. where he starred alongside Henry Cavill, has been trolling the internet and teasing fans with vague responses via social media regarding said rumors.

But is any of it true? Speaking with Collider, Armie Hammer says that, no, he isn’t confirmed to appear as Green Lantern and that he’s only ever heard the rumors of him playing the character on social media. No studios were involved.

“Man, jeez… It was fun for a while and now I’m convinced that everyone’s gonna turn on me so I’m like ‘Oh shit, slowly backing away.’ I have nothing to confirm nor deny. The only talk of me being Green Lantern that I have heard in my life has only come from social media.”

For now, the rumors of Armie Hammer being involved in the Green Lantern Corps movie are simply speculation. The film itself has still a long ways to go and isn’t supposed to hit theaters until at least 2020. There hasn’t been any forward movement in regards to casting, finding a director, or even what the film’s plot will be, so everything is in the air at this point.

Source: Collider

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