Armie Hammer On If He Would Prefer To Play Shazam Or Green Lantern

Actor Armie Hammer discusses which role he would prefer to play if he had to choose between portraying Shazam or Green Lantern.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will join the DC Extended Universe as Black Adam in the character’s upcoming standalone film. However, while most of the attention has been focused on the classic DC Comics villain, Johnson has expressed interesting in seeing actor Armie Hammer in the role of Black Adam’s nemesis, Shazam. Of course, Armie Hammer is no stranger to having his name mentioned while discussing DC film projects as the actor has long been rumored to be a contender for the role of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. Now, Hammer recently discussed which of the two roles he would most interested in playing during an interview with Screen Rant.

When asked which of the two rolse he would chose if given the option, Hammer revealed that he actually knew little about Shazam:

Oh, man! I don’t know. Well, I don’t really know anything about Shazam, to be honest. Like, uh, what’s the deal with Shazam?

When told that Shazam is a child who grows into a super-powered adult and informed of the character’s occasional temper tantrums, Hammer appeared to be intrigued by the role:

“No! Really? That’s funny, uh, yeah. That’s interesting.”

Personally, Armie Hammer has proven himself to be a charismatic and talented actor, so I believe he would more than capable of portraying either character. Which role would you prefer to see Armie Hammer land? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant

Sebastian Peris

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