Arnold Schwarzenegger Would Gladly Play Another ‘Batman’ Villain

Mr. Freeze Batman And Robin
In a new interview, Arnold Schwarzenegger talked a bit about his role as Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin. The action star also noted that he’d be open to playing a Batman villain or another villain in a comic book movie franchise if he were asked.

While many of his Batman & Robin co-stars (most notably George Clooney) have sworn off comic book movies due to a terrible experience working on that film, Schwarzenegger would love nothing more than to come back to the fold of comic book movies.

“Absolutely! I think all of those movies, if they’re written well, they’re entertaining. If it’s Batman or Batman and Robin, or X-Men or Spider-Man – all of them. If they’re written well, they have a great life. People enjoy them, and you can see the grosses that they make worldwide. So, yes, of course I would.”

To me, it seemed as though the decision to cast Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze was a good idea with a rather terrible execution. While the movie did score points for including Mr. Freeze’s fantastic origin story from Batman: The Animated Series (which was fairly recent addition to the Batman mythos at the time the movie was being made), any goodwill is lost underneath a blizzard of terrible ice puns and a narrative that can’t decide whether or not it wants to take its villain seriously. However, I feel like with a different, more sophisticated approach that treats Victor Fries as the tragic figure that he is, Schwarzenegger could make the character work where he previously failed. But whether or not he would return to the role or play a new character altogether, Schwarzenegger is always fun to watch – so it seems like another comic book movie would be something up his alley.

Source: Fandango

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