‘Terminator 6’: Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals When He Begins Work

Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger

Intended to be the start of a brand new trilogy, Terminator Genisys was received with predominantly negative reviews and Paramount removed a sequel from their production slate. Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement director James Cameron recently revealed his plans to reinvent the film series with a new trilogy, potentially with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s involvement and new characters to whom the baton can be passed. In an interview with The Playlist, Schwarzenegger discussed his return to the beloved science fiction franchise and revealed when he is scheduled to begin work on the project.

Schwarzenegger revealed that he begins filming the sixth Terminator film early next year:

“In March next year, I am shooting ‘Terminator 6,’ James Cameron and David Ellison are back on board and then comes a ‘Conan.’”

Earlier this year it was reported that with the rights to the Terminator franchise returning to James Cameron in 2019, the filmmaker would “godfather” a new installment of the franchise. Deadpool director Tim Miller was reportedly in talks to direct the project, which would serve as both a reboot and conclusion to the film series.

While Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day may be rightfully regarded as classic films, each sequel since then has failed to measure up to the first two installments. Personally, with only two of the five feature films being good, perhaps it might be time to retire the franchise rather than making another attempt to ‘reboot’ the series.

Would you like to see another Terminator film with Arnold Schwarzenegger or is it time to let the franchise go? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Playlist

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