’Arrow’ 5.01 ”Legacy” Review: A Hero Without A Team

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arrow-s5-posterArrow had a rough fourth season, as the Green Arrow faced one of his toughest challenges yet, with the terror of Damien Darhk who hurt Star City in more ways than one, including killing Laurel Lance a.k.a. the Black Canary. As Oliver tries to strengthen his city again, but this time as a mayor, new evil has invaded the Emerald Archer’s home. The premiere does indeed focus a lot on going back to the show’s roots with a more street level tone to it. Even the flashbacks (now taking place in Russia) had a big callback to Season 1 while also beginning the final chapter of Oliver’s backstory in the flashbacks.

As we get introduced to new characters, like Prometheus and Tobias Church, “Legacy” also focuses on the current state of Team Arrow, as they are still healing from last season. While Oliver is insisting on pursuing on his own, he finally gets to the point where he wants to build a new Team Arrow as the city will need all the help it can get. With a big season premiere like this, we have a lot of grounds to breakdown so  hit the next button below and let’s go through some of the highlights and important moments of the Season 5 premiere of Arrow: “Legacy”

#5: The State Of Team Arrow

#4: Oliver Queen As Mayor

#3: Russian Flashbacks

#2: Laurel’s Last Wish To Oliver

#1: Enter Prometheus

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    Bamford should be Showrunner. He makes this show. After this season just give it to him.