‘Arrow’: Stephen Amell Talks Kryptonite & Sporting Oliver Queen’s Goatee

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The first half of Arrow season five was an eventful one for actor Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen. One of the most major developments in Oliver’s life was his introduction to Supergirl, to whom he was initially hesitant to fully embrace as an ally. At a Wizard World New Orleans panel, Stephen Amell addressed an audience where he shared his theory that Oliver has begun researching ways to defend against his allies and discussed the possibility of sporting Oliver’s famous goatee.

Amell stated the he believes Oliver has begun researching ways to handle his allies should they ever become foe.

“I think Oliver has definitely researched Kryptonite, for sure. Like Kryptonite, and how do I take away his super-speed? I might need to waste these guys at some point, and I’m going to have my bag of tricks.”

When asked about Oliver Queen sporting a goatee like his comic book counterpart, Amell reiterated his earlier promise to don the famous facial hair on the shows sixth season.

“If we ever saw a version of the goatee, we’d be able to do it after the end of season 5.”

However, Amell does not believe his new look would be well received.

“I’ll be asked to shave it immediately. but still.”

Amell revealed that he had once tried to grow a goatee during season two, but he was not thrilled with the results.

“[I looked] like someone with a record trying to blend into a new city.”

Various DC live-action, animated and comic book worlds have had Batman assemble an arsenal intended to protect against his friends in the event that they become a threat. Considering the caped crusader is unlikely to appear in the Arrowverse any time soon, it is fitting that the Emerald Archer would take on the role of the worlds safeguard against potential rogue heroes.

Arrow returns with new episodes on January 25, 2017 on The CW.

Source: ComicBook.com

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