‘Arrow’ Producers Tease “Coming Back Together” For Oliver & Felicity

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It has been a difficult year for both Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak on The CW’s Arrow. Following their broken engagement, the sinister Prometheus successfully tricked Oliver into killing Felicity’s boyfriend, sending her down a dark path that acquainted her with the hacker group named Helix. Continuing to grow further apart from each other, fans of the pairing have become increasingly concerned for the future of Oliver and Felicity. In an interview with Screener, executive producers Wendy Mericle and Marc Guggenheim revealed that they have a definite ending in mind for the characters and hinted at a potential coming back together for pairing.

Mercile teased a possible return to friendship for Oliver and Felicity.

“We said at the beginning of the season that we were going to play everything by ear and see where the characters took us. I think there’s going to be a natural coming back together at the end of this season on a friendship basis because they’ve both been through such horrible things.”

However, Mericle revealed that Felicity will first slide further down her dark path.

“Felicity is going to continue to go darker and go further into this world of Helix and when everything comes to a head, she’s going to need Oliver in a way that she hasn’t in the past 15 episodes.”

Guggenheim revealed that the writers have a plan for Oliver and Felicity.

“When we broke them up in Episode 415 last year, we always had a plan. I’m not going to tell you what the plan was … I will say that there are a lot of unanswered questions from Episode 415 that we are looking to answer this year, as was always our intention. There’s a bunch of things that happen in the show that are inspiration or last minute ideas, and then there are other things on the show that where we’re planting seeds in one season with the intention of bringing them to fruition in another season.”

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Source: Screener

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