‘Arrow’ Is Best When Grounded In Reality Says Stephen Amell

In interview at the CW Upfronts, Stephen Amell was confronted with a question that I know has been on the minds of many ‘Arrow’ fans out there. Is the supernatural element of ‘Arrow’ something he wants to continue seeing on the show in season five. Here is the answer straight from the archer’s mouth:

I think it was a good element for season four. I think that ultimately, we are always going to be at our best when we do what we do best, which is, we’re the superpowerless superhero show, right? We haven’t been for a couple of years now, for a variety of reasons that have all been important and have helped build the universe on The CW. But at the same time, I do think we’re at our best when we are doing what we do best.

You can check out the full clip here, but you get the idea that he kind of feels the way most of us do, that ‘Arrow’ needs to get back to its roots in order to become a good show again. With the introduction of metahumans on ‘The Flash’, magic in ‘Constantine’, and time travel in ‘Legends’, you can understand why the writers thought it necessary to bring some of that to this show, especially with inevitable crossovers. However, this season has been proof that introducing all of these extra bells and whistles doesn’t make for a better TV show.

Is this music to your ears? Are you happy to hear that ‘Arrow’ may be reverting back to the tone of seasons 1 and 2? Let us know in the comments below!

The season finale of ‘Arrow’ airs on Wednesday, 8/7c on The CW.

Nathaniel Brail

Nathaniel Brail

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