‘Arrow’ Is Best When Grounded In Reality Says Stephen Amell

Arrow 421

In interview at the CW Upfronts, Stephen Amell was confronted with a question that I know has been on the minds of many ‘Arrow’ fans out there. Is the supernatural element of ‘Arrow’ something he wants to continue seeing on the show in season five. Here is the answer straight from the archer’s mouth:

I think it was a good element for season four. I think that ultimately, we are always going to be at our best when we do what we do best, which is, we’re the superpowerless superhero show, right? We haven’t been for a couple of years now, for a variety of reasons that have all been important and have helped build the universe on The CW. But at the same time, I do think we’re at our best when we are doing what we do best.

You can check out the full clip here, but you get the idea that he kind of feels the way most of us do, that ‘Arrow’ needs to get back to its roots in order to become a good show again. With the introduction of metahumans on ‘The Flash’, magic in ‘Constantine’, and time travel in ‘Legends’, you can understand why the writers thought it necessary to bring some of that to this show, especially with inevitable crossovers. However, this season has been proof that introducing all of these extra bells and whistles doesn’t make for a better TV show.

Is this music to your ears? Are you happy to hear that ‘Arrow’ may be reverting back to the tone of seasons 1 and 2? Let us know in the comments below!

The season finale of ‘Arrow’ airs on Wednesday, 8/7c on The CW.

Nathaniel Brail

Nathaniel Brail

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  • capwulf

    The magic ain’t the issue. The Felicity is.

    • Maximillian Pegasus

      Marc Guggenheim is the problem.

  • Carl

    The problem is the poor writing. Let’s look at those non powered elements. Take the hacking for example, that’s the fakest thing on the show. Last episode was a great example. How about the copious amount of amazing fighters that constantly have trouble with crappy henchmen but then beat down league of shadows members that should be great fighters?

  • Chris W

    Kill Felicity and drop the melodrama. That will be a massive improvement right there.

    • Maximillian Pegasus

      The show needs women, Thea will be the only girl on the show if they kill Felicity, Sara could come back to Arrow, maybe Vixen could show up more, maybe even get back the Huntress.

      • Chris W

        I’m all for introducing one or two new female characters. I find the direction they took Felicity to be irredeemable for a compelling narrative. I just want that character gone.

        With Canary gone there is a void of a female superhero if they want to keep that team dynamic, so Vixen is a great call to bring in full time. And she was miles more believable as a hero than Laurel, so that’s a complete upgrade.

        Then maybe a new female business/science character to plant in Palmer tech/Queen industries. Or a female police chief/captain.

      • AlphaBlu

        “The show needs women…”

        No show ever needs more women. No show ever needs fewer women either. Every show needs well written women.

        Felicity is not a well written woman, and over Seasons 3 and 4 they have utterly ruined her character. She used to be fun. Now she drags down everything around her.

        If the show added Vixen in, that would be great. She worked really well and didn’t ruin everything with her frowny face like Felicity does.

    • RT Five

      Don’t be ridiculous. They’ve killed far too many characters on the show already. Plus, Felicity is the best thing about this show by far; killing her would kill the last bit of humour and fun on the show.

      The show has always had a habit of writing stupid, pointless drama into all Oliver’s relationships, which they really should have steered clear of in his romance with Felicity, but what can you do? It’s TV. It would have happened that way no matter who the love interest was, since Oliver is the problem, not Felicity. But whatever. I’ve always watched this show around the bad writing and I continue to do so now.

      • Chris W

        I advise you to not watch Game of Thrones if you think they’ve killed off too many characters in Arrow.

        Good for you if she’s your favourite character though. It’s your prerogative to feel that way. My opinion is that there is nothing funny about Felicity, she’s a horrible character, and the show would improve for me if she was gone. It’s my prerogative to feel that way, there’s nothing ridiculous about it. TV/Film is subjective.

        • Paulinho Rampim

          Poor writing is Killing arrow, i get why they’ve killed BC, and yes this season had some really good episodes, but just like season 3 does not compensate for the bad ones, the fighting this last few episodes has improved a lot (FINALLY). Thea Was finally of greater importance, but still is bad, even the comedy feels too forced.

        • RT Five

          Let me rephrase, as ridiculous was not a strong enough word. Your comment that Felicity should be killed because you personally dislike her, is HUGELY problematic. Instead of saying you wished she’d be better written or differently written, or even written off the show, you just said “Kill her!”. What, she couldn’t get offered an amazing job in London and just move away, saving the remaining characters from their umpteenth grief/guilt spiral?

          No, apparently your go-to ‘solution’ for a woman who irritates you is to have her killed, which in your words would be “a massive improvement right there”. You can say “it’s just TV” all you want, but what we absorb (and ask for) in our fictional and imaginative worlds doesn’t happen in a vacuum, leaving our real world selves untouched. It’s bad enough that characters (especially, recently, female characters) are getting killed off gratuitously left and right on TV, but that guys on the internet repeatedly ASK for more characters to be killed off, even right on the heels of another major death on the same show, is gross, and frankly, I’m tired of seeing it.

          Maybe you should stop watching Game of Thrones. It doesn’t seem to be doing you any favours.

          • Chris W

            lol You need to get off the internet. You take this stuff way too seriously.

  • xxjinzaxx

    Sorry, Amell. I have watched your show since S1EP1 without missing a single episode. and when an episode is at its dullest it is when it’s grounded in reality. For Arrow, reality tends to mean “shipping”, substance abuse, and peraonal character conflicts with a perceived dark sides that results in the over-dwelling of self pity. Those have been the dullest moments in the entire show because those elements have not contributed a single bit to character development.

  • AlphaBlu

    Clearly they need to turn Oliver Queen into a magic-using time-travelling meta-human. It is the only way.


    I like the Supernatural elements of the show. It’s gonna be hard to cross Arrow over with the rest of DCTV when the other shows are based on the metahuman or supernatural element.

    Amell needs to acknowledge that he’s the Batman of DCTV, and Batman is always surrounded by those elements.

  • UnBoxingJon

    They killed off all the normal people on the show and made everybody else a super ninja or Felicity.

    This means they took away the parts of the narrative that show Oliver Queen’s humanity, while making his fighting ability generic, and making his relationship with Felicity the only thing for him to do other than fight the same stunt guys over and over again.

    • Tinajwest3

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  • Deem

    Stephen is right. I love Arrow because they are powerless, dark, street fights and all things before the need to prop the others shows. Many people watch Flash and Legends, but i know so many that like me don’t watch them.
    The love story is not the problem, but they have to put all the good history, hold things because the others. I really want that finally on Season 5 let Arrow be Arrow.


    Here’s hoping they bring Arsenal back.