‘Arrow’: Official Concept Art Of Vigilante Released Online

Arrow conceptual artist Andy Poon has shared a brand new piece of concept art for the DC Comics drama, featuring Prometheus.

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Prometheus isn’t the only problem on Oliver’s plate right now, as eventual good guy, Vigilante, is still seen as an adversary to team Arrow. You would think Oliver would be okay with another vigilante, conveniently named Vigilante, running around Star City to help him out, but as it turns out the Green Arrow isn’t all too thrilled with his presence.

Aside from his own episode just a few weeks ago, Vigilante was also seen briefly in the “Invasion!” crossover during The Flash as Barry saved Diggle and Oliver from a barrage of his bullets. Andy Poon, a conceptual artist who has been known for his work on The CW’s DC shows, has released another work of his. This time it is an early look at Vigilante for Arrow. Check it out below:


The Vigilante concept art looks almost identical to the final product, giving us the same ski goggles, blue stripes on the mask, and red V on the upper-chest. Other concept art that can be found on Andy Poon’s Instagram include Citizen Steel, Alchemy, Diggle’s new helmet, Jesse Quick, and Ragman. Poon has played a vital role in the way most of the CW’s DC characters look today.

Do you like the way Vigilante looks in Arrow, or do you think the concept art would have been better? Make sure to let us know what you think, below in the comments.

Arrow airs every Wednesday at 8 pm on the CW.

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