Curtis Holt On ‘Arrow’ Will Become Like Cisco From ‘The Flash’


This past season of Arrow ended with much of the original ‘Arrow’ team being disbanded. Season four ended on a dark and unknown note. Echo Kellum plays Curtis Holt on Arrow and his character has recently been moved up to a series regular.

In a recent interview, Arrow executive producer Wendy Mericle, explained how Holt will be changing for season five and how his role will be different compared to that of Felicity.

“Essentially, if she’s software, he’s hardware. As he evolves into becoming Mr. Terrific in Season 5, one of the things we’re really exploring is differentiating them by having Curtis be more like Cisco on The Flash. We want him to be a bit more hands-on, a little more about building physical tech.”

Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes), is a mechanical engineer for STAR labs and has become a key part of The Flash team. Valdes brings a sense of comedy and lightness to Flash, something that Arrow lacks at time. Mericle’s comments indicate that Curtis’ will be filling in that role for Arrow. This new direction with his character is likely to lead into him becoming his own superhero, Mr. Terrific.

As we wait for the new TV season to kick off, networks are starting to come out with their fall premiere dates with both new and old shows hitting our television screens. As previously reported, The CW’s turn as they revealed their full fall schedule with premiere dates for their DC TV properties with The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow and now Supergirl as well as their other programming with both new and old projects. Check out the full fall premiere dates below – premiere dates for the mid-season shows like Riverdale, iZombie, The 100 andThe Originals will be announced at a later date as well as their timeslots.

8:00-9:00pm                  THE FLASH (Season Premiere)

9:00-10:00pm                NO TOMORROW (Series Premiere)

8:00-9:00pm                  ARROW (Season Premiere)

9:00-10:00pm                FREQUENCY (Series Premiere)

8:00-10:00pm                IHEARTRADIO MUSIC FESTIVAL NIGHT ONE

8:00-10:00pm                IHEARTRADIO MUSIC FESTIVAL NIGHT TWO

8:00-9:00pm                  SUPERGIRL (The CW Premiere)

9:00-10:00pm                NO TOMORROW (Premiere Episode Encore)

8:00-9:00pm                  DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW (Season Premiere)

9:00-10:00pm                SUPERNATURAL (Season Premiere)

8:00-9:00pm                  SUPERGIRL (Original Episode)

9:00-10:00pm                JANE THE VIRGIN (Season Premiere)

8:00-9:00pm                  THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (Season Premiere)

9:00-10:00pm                CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND (Season Premiere)


Source: TV Line 


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  • Chris W

    Cisco is silly and awesome, and often is the voice of the audience, which makes him very meta. The Holt character is nothing like Cisco, and it would be so contrived if they tried to make him like that.

    Seasons 1-2 had an identity. But between setting up other series, and being totally reactionary to story telling, this show is has become a complete mess.

  • Kidflash

    Sigh….. WHYYYY??? Arrow’s trying to play this game where they try to be like every other show: one shot scene like Daredevil, Cisco from flash, etc. Just be your OWN show! Arrow was brilliant in the first two seasons. Here’s what you do: kill ollicity, cut the team down to three people, bring back practical effects/stuntwork, get rid of magic, and bring back manu Bennett.

    • Karencmoore1