‘Arrow’s David Ramsey Talks Diggle’s Possible Reaction To Supergirl

Supergirl will be moving to The CW this fall and join the same family as The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow. It has been hinted that the Girl of Steel will not just join the network, but also the same universe, most likely in the 4-show crossover that is happening in December, which is supposedly going to start filming this month in Vancouver, Canada.

Recently, Arrow stars Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow) and David Ramsey (John Diggle) attended Salt Lake Comic Con and hosted an Arrow related panel where fans got to chat with the two actors. At one point, Ramsey talked about how Diggle’s reaction to seeing Barry as a speedster was back in their first crossover and how he would like Diggle to react when he sees a flying alien show up in their universe.

“It’s funny, too, because the first time when I meet Flash, Andrew Kreisberg — the executive producer of the show — was sitting in video village, where he kind of watches what’s going on in front of the screen, and he’s like, ‘Listen: When you see Flash, I want you to go big.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, okay.’ So I did it, and I threw like one fry in the air. And I went over and Andrew’s like, ‘No, like go crazy big, dude.’ So I threw like all the fries into the air and everyone just howling laughing. Diggle has to have a reaction to Supergirl, that rivals Flash. So I decided he could maybe pee just a little bit.”

Arrow Season 5 is set to premiere on Wednesday, October 5 at 8/7c on The CW.

Source: Salt Lake Comic-Con (via Comicbook.com)

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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