‘Arrow’ Producer Talks Oliver’s Impossible Love Life

Stephen Amell Arrow

One of the biggest questions regarding superheroes, and Arrow is not the exception, is if there’s really a way to balance a personal life and the life of the hero. Having bigger priorities and not to mention villains painting a target in your back can prove to be a handful.

Recently in an interview, Arrow’s executive producer Marc Guggenheim talked about the complexity of the relationships on the show and what the type of life Oliver carries means for his love life, focusing mainly on the show’s fourth season.

‘I think the thing that season four really showed, was [that Oliver] went into Season Four thinking you can have everything and then by the end, he realized that maybe he was wrong’ he added. ‘I would say that certainly, the break-up with Felicity and Paul’s break-up Curtis would prove that idea or it would prove that point, that maybe it’s not possible to have this life and also be with someone.’

The question of Oliver’s possibilities of ever having a normal or lasting relationship is a big part of the show, but as Guggenheim also pointed out, this is not a yes or no matter, it also depends on the story being told.

‘At the same time, Barry Allen is able to have a very good relationship with Iris. And Diggle has a great relationship with Lyla,’ he explained. ‘So I don’t know if it’s a binary thing.’

‘[It’s] something that we obviously deal with on the show and we always dealt with on the show. And depending upon what’s going in that season, the answer is different.’

He also remind us that in the midseason finale, Oliver is trying to make things work with Susan, but will his remaining feelings for Laurel and his double life interfere with this? The show’s producer responded.

“[The question] will inevitably come up, is it possible for Oliver to continue with Susan while he leads this double life? To which I say, stay tuned.”

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Source: ComicBook