‘Arrow’: Lexa Doig On Talia Al Ghul’s Potential Connection To Prometheus

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This season of Arrow introduced audiences to Talia al Ghul, the daughter of former League of Assassins leader Ra’s Al Ghul, and revealed that the skilled assassin played a key role in pushing Oliver towards his destiny. In an interview with Comic Book Resources, actress Lex Doig discussed what separates Talia from former League of Assassins members who have appeared on the series and addressed the rumors regarding Talia’s possible connection to the villain Prometheus.

Doig discussed how Talia is different from her father and half-sister Nyssa.

“It’s hard to say. This is my interpretation of it: Talia left the League of Assassins and forged her own way in the world, and her way is more in the real world as opposed to influencing events from the periphery. She may have a more direct hand, yet she’s very Talia al Ghul in that mentality of, ‘Why do it myself when I can get someone else to do it for me?’ She is still someone who is a bit of a chess master. That would be my interpretation. All of my stuff has been with Stephen Amell, and it’s all been the flashback training. There hasn’t really been a reference for me of how she operates outside of that context.”

Doig revealed where she believes Talia ranks among her fellow warriors, including Green Arrow.

“Right up there. After a certain point, when you’re that good, it’s a matter of substance. Anybody can accomplish the things they need to accomplish. It’s just a matter of how they go about doing it. When you compare all the various superheroes and supervillains – and you have these wonderful theoretical discussions of who would win between Nyssa and Talia – it largely ends up being a draw. Or, when you get two really good hockey teams playing against each other, sometimes it just goes your way, and sometimes it doesn’t. I think they’re all elite.”

Doig discussed the popular theory that Talia is somehow connected the the season’s big bad, Prometheus.

“I have no idea who Prometheus is. I only ever work with Stephen because of the nature of the flashbacks. It’s funny, because even on the call sheets, when you are shooting scenes that have Prometheus in them, he’s not technically listed on the call sheet. The character is listed, but no performer or actor is listed as Prometheus. Even I, who works on the show, have no idea who Prometheus is. So, if Talia has connections to Prometheus, I don’t know about it.”

Though Lexa Doig may be genuinely unaware of Talia’s connection to Prometheus, previous reports indicated that she will be crucial to uncovering the mysterious villain’s identity.

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Source: Comic Book Resources

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