‘Arrow’: Michael Rowe On The Possibility Of Deadshot Returning

One of my favorite villainous characters in the earlier seasons of Arrow was Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot, as played by Michael Rowe. He was a great foe for Oliver and an even better counterpart to Diggle as a member of the Suicide Squad. However, when the DCEU version of Suicide Squad was gearing up to hit theaters, the Arrowverse versions of most of the characters that were set to be a part of that film were written off of TV and Deadshot seemingly met his end in a massive explosion. The actor did go on to appear a few times in The CW’s DC shows afterward. We saw his Earth 2 counterpart (who was a terrible shot) in a Season 2 episode of The Flash, and early last season on Arrow, he appeared to Diggle as a hallucination, but the real Floyd Lawton never returned.

While speaking to ComicBook.com on the set of his new webseries Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe (in which he plays the titular Ninjak), Michael Rowe shared whether he thinks his character survived or not. Here’s what he said:

“I don’t think that he died in the explosion; maybe that’s just me giving the character a lot of credit. I know that he’s notoriously hard to kill, and I have my own theories as to what happened in that situation. You didn’t see a body; they just had to remove him quickly from the show because of business and there would be a lot of fun ways to bring him back….”

The actor also added:

“Me coming back to Arrow or any of those shows is always a possibility. You’re talking about a universe where they deal with time travel, there’s all kinds of flashbacks, there’s ways to bring people back to life, there’s ways to go to alternate earths like you’ve seen on The Flash. We had fancy plans for Deadshot but it wasn’t the producers or anybody involved with the show; it went way higher than that. There was just an executive decision to slow down Deadshot on TV so they could focus on Deadshot in the Suicide Squad film. I feel like we have unfinished business with it; it’s just, will they let us get back to that?”

As Rowe stated, in the comic book world, a character is never really dead unless you see a body (and even then it’s negotiable). Personally, I’ve been hoping for Deadshot’s return for a long time and I was pissed when they revealed that he was just a figment of Diggle’s imagination the last time he showed up. I’ve always found it ridiculous that we can’t have both versions of some of these characters at the same time. If we can have Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel and Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman on Supergirl and both Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller’s Flash, why can’t both Will Smith and Michael Rowe’s Deadshots co-exist?

Arrow returns for it’s sixth season on Thursday, October 12 at 9pm ET on The CW.

Source: ComicBook.com

Heroes Who Should Get Their Own CW Arrowverse Shows

This past week marked the season finales for the core DC CW shows from the Arrowverse. Legends of Tomorrow ended a little bit earlier than Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow did, but all of the finales were great. They each successfully concluded the seasons and helped set things in motion for their upcoming seasons of the show. Supergirl teased a potential new villain, while The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow left us off with cliffhangers that will hopefully be resolved early next year.

While each of the DC CW shows were good, this season of Arrow was great! We here at Heroic Hollywood even gave an argument that this season of Arrow was better than this season of The Flash, due to how great this season for Oliver and the other Star City vigilantes were this year. Not only did the show deliver a compelling storyline, great choreographed action, and probably one of the best villains the CW produced (Prometheus), it also marked the return of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke (arguably the second best villain of Arrow), who has been missing since season two. His return at the end of “Missing” made fans excited for his return. Recently actor Manu Bennett has been campaigning for a Deathstroke spin-off within the Arrowverse. The sometimes good, sometimes bad guy was a great presence earlier in Arrow and the character was one of the highlights of the past seasons. It would be interesting to see his backstory if possible, as well as what happens after he helped Oliver and Team Arrow on Lian Yu.

With that said, there are still plenty of characters who could get their own show within the DC universe. The DC CW universe started with Arrow and has quickly spun off into a wide range of shows, each able to stand on their own, each interconnected as well. Because of this, they have created their own coherent cinematic universe. The CW has been very successful with their DC shows as well. They have almost run out of days of the week to have their shows on, and with such a high volume of characters to work with, there’s a great deal of DC characters who could get their own spin-off shows. Next fall we will see Black Lightning (although it’s stated not to be a part of the Arrowverse… yet), so the sky’s the limit for what they can do. Here are a few ideas for spin-offs for the Arrowverse.

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