‘Arrow’: Oliver Is Responsible For Creating Prometheus

After two majorly disappointing seasons with very disappointing antagonists, Arrow will hopefully return to form in season 5. Stephen Amell has stated on multiple occasions that Arrow will become more grounded, take the focus off meta humans and magic and get back to basics. As a huge fan of the first two seasons of Arrow, this gives me some hope. The villain of season 5 is a masked Archer named Prometheus and while not much is known about his character, Oliver does have a hand in creating him.

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim gives us a a few tid bits for the upcoming season:

“Essentially the theme that we’re dealing with this year is legacy, the idea [is] Oliver honoring Black Canary’s [Katie Cassidy] legacy after Laurel’s death last year. As the season progresses, you’ll see that there are a lot of callbacks to season 1. What we’re doing is we’re dramatizing Oliver’s desire to grow, move forward, and evolve, but this concept of legacy keeps threatening to pull him back to the early days.”

In the comics Prometheus was a villain created by Grant Morrison, but this is not the same character. Arrow’s Prometheus will have a lot to do with legacy. In the four years that Oliver has been active, he is somewhat responsible for creating Prometheus. Guggenheim states:

“I can really only say that Oliver bears a measure of responsibility for the creation of Prometheus,”

Who could Prometheus be? If I had a guess, I’d say he’s Oliver’s best friend Tommy Merlyn. Tommy Merlyn was killed off in the season one finale and has made a few appearances in flashback/dream form since then. But, in the crazy world of Arrow and with Flashpoint happening on The Flash, it’s possible that he could get resurrected. Colin Donnell is currently tied up as a series regular on Chicago Med, so the chance of him being Prometheus are slim to none.

Who do you guys think is under Prometheus’ mask? Sound off in the comments section!

Arrow season 5 premieres October 5th, 2016 at 8|7c on The CW.

Source: EW

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