‘Arrow’ Producer Talks Crossover Impact & ‘Big Twists’ For Winter Finale

Little does Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen know that he has much more coming for him in the next few episodes of The CW's Arrow.

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The four-series “Invasion!” crossover has just ended, and none of the episodes were quite as impactful as the 100th episode of Arrow that included nods to every season of the show so far. From Laurel Lance to Deathstroke, everyone was there,  and it was an excellent way to look at where our hero, Oliver Queen, has come from compared to where he is right now.

Little does Oliver know though, that he has much more coming for him. As we’re all aware, the Green Arrow has just encountered aliens and flown through space, and the invasion will impact Oliver as the show continues on.

While talking with Entertainment Weekly, Arrow EP Andrew Kreisberg spoke about how Oliver’s experiences will impact him moving forward, and reveals that he will need the strength he has gained from this episode as there are some “big twists” in store for him going into the midseason finale.

“It forced Oliver to double down on his mission and commit to this life with all of its loses and failures and challenges.”

The article then mentioned the “big twists” on the way for our hero.

“He’ll need to be stronger because there are some big twists coming in the winter finale.”

What do you think these “big twists” could be? Make sure to wager your guesses below in the comments.

Arrow airs every Wednesday at 8 pm on The CW.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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