‘Arrow’ Star Talks Prometheus’ Master Plan & Potential Showdown With Felicity

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After months of speculation, Arrow fans finally discovered the true identity of the season’s primary antagonist Prometheus. Revealed to be Star City district attorney Adrian Chase, played by Josh Segarra, audiences learned that Chase had been ingratiating himself with Team Arrow in an effort to gather information on those closest to Oliver Queen. In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Josh Segarra discussed Prometheus’ master plan for Green Arrow and his teammates.

Segarra discussed Prometheus’ decision to reveal his identity to Oliver.

“I don’t know if he necessarily planned to reveal it to Oliver, and I really don’t know the answer to that. I do know he wanted to make sure that when his identity was revealed, that every piece was in place. That’s what mattered to him, just going, ‘Okay. I’m going to make sure that this happens and this happens because at some point, they are going to figure out who I am. Cool. When that happens, I’m going to make sure all they can do is come and try me. At that point, let’s go. All the pieces are in place.’”

Segarra teased Prometheus’ intentions with those closest to Oliver.

“I love the scenes when I get in a room with Thea and Oliver, because it’s his sister. I love my sister in real life. She’s a very important woman in my life. So to watch these moments, where now you know who this guy is – and he’s been so close to them. He’s been in their trust circle. Chase has been looking at all the people in Oliver’s life that matter and he knows that he’s going to use those pieces along the way.”

Segarra discussed the possibility of a showdown between Prometheus and Felicity Smoak following the villain’s successful mission to trick Oliver into killing her boyfriend.

I hope so. Let me tell you the real-life answer: We haven’t had any interactions between Chase and Felicity. You haven’t seen too many interactions outside of the ones with Diggle and Chase. I love those scenes inside the prison where I got to help him.

The real-life answer is, yeah, I sure hope so because Emily [Bett Rickards] is the bomb. She brings such a great color to the show. Felicity is such a cool character. I’m excited to see how they are finally going to bring Chase and Felicity together. I’m very excited about that. The scenes I’ve done with Paul Blackthorne, watching Lance and Chase, are cool energies to balance out on screen. I want to act with everybody on the show.

What do you think Prometheus has planned for Oliver and his team? Would you like to see Felicity confront Prometheus? Share your thoughts below!

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Source: Comic Book Resources

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