‘Arrow’ Recap: S4E19 “Canary Cry”


Arrow returned this week after a short break, only to remind us of the colossal loss that the show just put us through. In the final stretch of the last episode The Black Canary was brutally murdered by Damian Darhk, and this week’s episode started with a funeral.

The show didn’t waste anytime this week by jumping right into the aftermath of what happened. It opened with a flashback of  Tommy’s funeral, then immediately jumped to the hospital scene we saw last time, and saw the team dealing with devastation.  As they each dealt with it in different ways, it seemed Ollie was struck even harder when the Doctor handed him the Black Canary costume. After Diggle begins to blame himself for Laurel’s death (trusting his brother turned out to be a huge problem), he decides to try and take matters into his own hands and he attempts to kill Ruve Adams. Along with the subplot of Oliver trying to convince Diggle that his anger isn’t the way to go, a new Black Canary seems to be running around the streets. After crashing Thea’s date, it seems this Canary hates Green Arrow and wants him to pay for her own personal tragedy. The episode closes with the modern day funeral, and finally catching up to the flashforward we saw earlier this season.

As explained yesterday with our recap for The Flash, instead of our usual retelling of the entire episode in excruciating detail, Heroic Hollywood is now going to provide a simple recap (see above) and then review our top 5 highlights from the episode.

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Taylor Landine

Taylor Landine

Taylor Landine is a Veteran to online entertainment journalism who has been covering television and movies since 2005. Follow him on twitter via @taylorlandine

  • Lulu

    Taylor just a comment its not olicity shippers is show shippers. As much as hero you want bc to be, Laurel was awful as person, never believable as bc, more believable as laurel lance. Remember the show is based in Oliver Queen no one else and in this version bc sucked big time.

  • GL82Kyle

    I hate the new pages format, but enjoyed the actual text of your recap. Sadly, I’m going to stop reading them at this site if this format continues.

  • PrincessOfTheCrystal

    It would be interesting if she was actually an alternate Laurel and it figured into the Flash multiverse plotline, but probably not.

    • Carmenffriedel

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  • Joseph

    The last two episodes of Arrow are definitive PROOF that Stephen Amell is just a really REALLY horrible actor. These were some of the most emotional episodes of the entire series and Stephen just proved that he does not have the acting chops to deliver ANY kind of emotional performance whatsoever. He should have Grant Gustin give him a few acting lessons.