‘Arrow’ Spoilers: Here’s Who Died In ‘The Slabside Redemption’

The CW Arrow Season 7 Slabside Redemption

Spoilers. So Oliver Queen has spent a good portion of this season of Arrow behind bars. We all figured he would get out at some point, especially with the upcoming “Elseworlds” crossover just a little under two weeks away. But now, in the most recent episode, “The Slabside Redemption,” Oliver Queen, with some help from Michael Jai White’s Bronze Tiger, walked out of prison. But, as you can expect, it wasn’t a clean escape. Especially now that Diaz was on the scene.

Yes, Ricardo Diaz, who manages to be as much of an arrow in Oliver’s side as Malcolm Merlyn, effectively took over the prison just as Oliver had warned the guards that the Dragon was coming. And though this was meant to be Oliver’s last day anyway, it ended up becoming an all out brawl in the prison, courtesy of director James Bamford. But enough burying the lede. Who died in this episode?

For starters, it wasn’t just Diaz who had beef with Oliver, but two other Arrow villains in the form of Derek Sampson and Brick. Now Oliver managed to slice Sampson’s femoral artery with a blade, giving him only a few moments to live, but this wasn’t what killed him. Later on in the episode, when Oliver faces off with Diaz, the Dragon starts an electrical fire in the prison. And Bronze Tiger threw Sampson from the balcony and right into the flames. This is what ultimately led to his demise.

But what about Brick? Well, during the mayhem, Brick was ready to escape through the prison morgue, if not for Oliver’s shifty little “friend,” Stanley, who delivered a fatal stabbing to Brick for making fun of him. And it’s Stanley himself who manages to escape. Starting with last week, Oliver has been seeing more of Stanley’s dark side, so it will be interesting to see how that may play out going forward?

As for Diaz? He gets his undoing at Oliver’s hands on the recent Arrow episode, but Oliver does not kill him. Rather, Diaz is left in a cell while Oliver walks out a free man. So as of right now, Diaz is no longer an immediate threat, but with him being left alive, it’s entirely possible that the door is left open for him to cause more mayhem later on in the series.

What did you think of last night’s episode of Arrow? What were your thoughts on the prison brawl? And what do you think Oliver will do now that he’s no longer incarcerated? Let us know in the comments below.

Arrow airs on Monday nights at 8 P.M. on the CW.

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