‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Reveals BTS Photo From Upcoming Crossover

Arrow Stephen Amell Legends of Tomorrow

Stephen Amell’s name is Oliver Queen, and after spending five years in hell, he had to become someone else, something else- namely, the Green Arrow. You know how it goes. Since Arrow kicked off the DCCW universe, Amell has played Oliver Queen in a number of ways.

He played the Earth-X version of himself during the Crisis On Earth-X crossover, he played the one-armed, Dark Knight Returns-style Oliver Queen on the first season of Legends of Tomorrow, and now he’ll be…maybe something new altogether with the upcoming DCCW crossover.

Yesterday afternoon, Amell took to Twitter to share a photo of himself with what looks to be a bald cap and some sort of green slime around the lower half of his face, as well as his neck. Could this be perhaps for some sort of GCI or something to do with what Oliver may go through in the crossover? This is all baseless speculation, as it’s merely a photo without context, so have a look at the photo of Stephen Amell in the tweet below and tell us what you think.

With word that Nora Fries will appear in the crossover, is it possible that Amell could be playing Victor Fries on another Earth? It’s a stretch that not even Elongated Man would make, though it wouldn’t be out of place for these shows to borrow villains based primarily around other DC heroes, as Arrow has done with Batman villains such as Ra’s al Ghul or Harley Quinn, or Supergirl has done with…well, villains you’d mostly associate with Superman.

Let us know your theories in the comments for what Stephen Amell may have in store for the upcoming DCCW crossover.

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