‘Arrow’: Stephen Amell Says He’s Most Proud Of This Upcoming Episode

Given that "Invasion!" was the one hundredth episode of Arrow, you'd think that it would be the one Stephen Amell would be most proud of.

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This week, Arrow will probably leave us with a mid-season finale cliffhanger. Last week, we saw Oliver Queen and his band of merry superheroes fight off an alien invasion. We also got to see him live a life that could have been when said aliens got a hold of him and did a mind-trick. It turned into a sort of reverse Flashpoint scenario.

Given that “Invasion!” was Arrow‘s one hundredth episode, you’d think that Stephen Amell would be very happy with it. He was, however, it’s the mid-season finale that the actor says he’s most proud of this year. In a Facebook Q&A, Amell was asked by a fan whether or not Artemis would betray the team in the upcoming Arrow fall finale.

“Maybe. I can tell you that Artemis plays a big, big role in our fall finale which airs this Wednesday. I know sometimes I say this, but it’s probably the episode I’m most proud of this year. Does it have the history and the characters and all of the things that the 100th episode has? No, of course not. That would be impossible, but I’m so proud of that episode.”

At the end of the live Facebook chat, Amell pleaded with fans to make sure they watched this important Arrow episode.

“Watch next week’s episode, and for god’s sake, do not miss the last scene.”

The Arrow episode, titled “What We Leave Behind”, will air this Wednesday, December 7 at 8/7c on The CW.

Source: Facebook

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