Arrowverse Boss Regrets Revealing Possible Nicolas Cage Superman Cameo

Nicolas Cage Superman Lives Crisis on Infinite Earths Arrowverse

Arrowverse boss Marc Guggenheim regrets revealing that he wanted Nicolas Cage to appear in the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover as Superman.

The Arrowverse’s Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover was widely lauded for its abundance of cameos and appearances that fans could only imagine. Some of them included Tom Welling and Brandon Routh returning their roles as Superman, and Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy finally portraying Bruce Wayne in live-action. While all of those cameos were much appreciated, the one that fans wanted the most was Nicolas Cage finally taking on the role of Superman.

The Arrowverse head revealed that he regrets mentioning that he wanted Nicolas Cage in the crossover event as it may have disappointed fans. When speaking with the Fake Nerd podcast, the Arrowverse boss also revealed a potential reason as to why Nicolas Cage, or any other potential Arrowverse actor, didn’t sign on for the crossover.

“I know I’ve talked about Nic Cage, but ever since I did that, I’ve since felt pretty bad, because I don’t want anyone — like, let’s call him Person X. If we went to Person X and Person X said no, I don’t want Person X’s Twitter feed blowing up with, ‘Why didn’t you play the role? Why didn’t you appear in Crisis?'”

“Everyone’s got their reasons, and for some people, they were legitimately busy. For other people, they just had no desire. For other people, they wanted more money than we had to spend. There’s a whole host of reasons why various cameos didn’t come into being. I don’t see any good coming from going into specifics for why those various cameos didn’t happen.”

Superman Lives, arguably the biggest comic-book film that never saw the light of day, was set to star Nicolas Cage as the titular character, with Batman director Tim Burton at the helm. Nicolas Cage’s first cinematic solo outing Superman was written by famed comic book fanboy Kevin Smith and was all set to begin rolling cameras but the studio pulled out at the last minute. Since then, the Nicolas Cage Superman project has become a fabled addition to the Superman cinematic cannon.

Marc Guggenheim’s regret seems palpable as almost everyone would have wanted to see Nicolas Cage as Superman, especially in a crossover as storied as Crisis On Infinite Earths. In the end, the Arrowverse crossover event that Marc Guggenheim heralded was a success, even without Nicolas Cage as the Man of Steel.

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Source: Fake Nerd Podcast