Ava DuVernay Gets Fans Excited For ‘New Gods’ With Comic Book Tease

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Ava DuVernay took to Twitter to let fans know she is brushing up on the source material for her new DC film, New Gods, and may have just teased the comic inspiration from the film.

DuVernay is an excellent choice to direct New Gods and is a perfect candidate to bring this corner of the DC Universe to life. The filmmaker took the industry by storm with the award-winning 2014 drama Selma. After that, she went on to helm Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time. This ambitious sci-fi fantasy adventure is a similar concept to DC’s New Gods. She will be bringing that experience with her as she prepares for the epic saga and reminds fans that she is the right person for the job with a fun New Gods tease.

You can check out the post below.

The line is from the prologue of the first issue of New Gods which was created by Jack Kirby. This soap opera on a celestial scale has a solid following and still makes an impact on today’s readers. Thanks to Kirby’s creations, DuVernay has the opportunity to do something very different from the superhero films audiences are most likely getting sick of at this point. Whatever happens, DuVernay is a welcomed addition to a solid list of filmmakers the DC films are currently utilizing.

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There is no release date currently set for New Gods, but you can enjoy the next installment from DC’s movie lineup with Aquaman this December. Then in 2019 fans will enjoy the introduction for Shazam! and the highly anticipated sequel to Wonder Woman as well as Joker.