Ava DuVernay Begins Research On ‘New Gods’, Shares Comic Book Page

'A Wrinkle In Time' director Ava DuVernay has begun research on the 'New Gods' movie, as she has taken to social media to share a page from the comic book.

New Gods Darkseid DC Comics

A Wrinkle In Time Director Ava DuVernay is slowly becoming one of the most influential directors in Hollywood. From the critics favorite Selma to her feedback on The Force Awakens, DuVernay is a storyteller to be reckoned with. Hot on the heels of the release of A Wrinkle In Time, Warner Bros. didn’t waste any time in locking the director down with a project under their banner, as it has been announced that she will be helming a live-action adaptation of the historic Jack Kirby series The New Gods.

The New Gods are the most popular characters outside the earth-based superheroes of the DC Comics Universe. The New Gods gave us the villainous Darkseid, the heroic Mister Miracle, the formidable Big Barda and the ultra-intelligent Metron. These characters have become staple stitches in the fabric of the DC Universe and now Ava DuVernay will hopefully deliver a silver screen narrative that does these beloved characters justice. Even though A Wrinkle In Time has been barely in theatres for two weeks, DuVernay seems to have started working on entering the Fourth World, as a recent Instagram story by her suggests. DuVernay posted a picture of the first page from Jack Kirby’s The New Gods #1, which marked the beginning of the definitive run of the Fourth World stories.

Check out the post, as shared on Reddit, below:

SOCIAL MEDIA: Ava Duvernay is doing her homework for the new movie! from DC_Cinematic

DuVernay sharing this page not only means that she is taking her research of the vast world of the New Gods seriously, but that she may also follow the route of DC Extended Universe directors such as Chris McKay and David F. Sandberg, directors of Nightwing and Shazam! respectively, by engaging fans to a certain degree by the use of social media. Hopefully as the months go by we get more info on DuVernay’s adventures in the Fourth World and here’s hoping not too long from now the gears of production get moving.

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Source: Reddit