‘Avatar 2’ Won’t Require 3D Glasses Thanks To New Technology

Avatar MovieThe first Avatar movie wowed fans with its large-scale 3D showstopping moments. This time around, fans won’t have to wear cumbersome 3D glasses to enjoy more epic 3D action thanks to new technology.

Inquisitr is reporting that Avatar 2 and all future sequels will employ a “RGB laser projection systems that will exclude the need for 3D glasses to watch a 3D film.” The system provides bright images at a high frame rate, allowing crisp visuals that eliminate the need for special glasses.

This technology is being developed by Christie Digital, which has teamed with James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment to create this new experience for fans. It’s a partnership that will pay off for years.

“In addition to the latest in projection technologies, Christie is fully committed to sharing our ongoing research and development efforts, including product roadmaps, with our co-visionary, Lightstorm, so that its productions will repeat the awe-inspiring success of Avatar in the years to come,” said president and CEO of Christie, Jack Kline.

Avatar 2 is said to have a war-themed plot with prisons and feature incredibly strained and twisted human and Na’vi relations. The return to Pandora will also explore the planet’s oceans, which will surely add plenty of opportunities for 3D set pieces.

The four Avatar sequels are planned for release in the Decembers of 2020, 2021, 2024, and 2025. Avatar 2‘s cast includes Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Joel David Moore, and newcomers Cliff Curtis and Oona Chaplin.

Source: Inquisitr

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  • CinemaConFan

    Folks, although it’s entirely possible AVATAR 2 will be the first major movie to release in cinemas with new 3D technology that does not use glasses, there has been no true confirmation of this whatsoever. Jim Cameron at a tech event some months ago simply said that eventually we’ll get to a point without needing 3D glasses (which anybody can easily predict since technology keeps progressing) – he did NOT promise this tech would debut with AVATAR 2 (or any of the other upcoming AVATAR sequels). This is a wait and see. Even if the new tech debuts with AVATAR 2, it will be expensive for theaters to adopt it – it would take years for it to be in common use.

    • lujho

      Yeah this sounds like a major misreading of the information. It just sounds like a new, bright projector that will have a better looking image for both 2D and 3D, but 3D will still need glasses.

  • Vegas82

    3D that doesn’t use glasses can be very difficult to properly calibrate. I’m interested in this, but I’m also nervous that I’ll spend $20 to get a headache.