Did ‘Age Of Ultron’ Hint At Potential Title For ‘Avengers 4’?

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Imagine May of next year arrives and the follow-up to Infinity War just ends up being “Avengers 4.” Not Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet. Not Avengers: Annihilation. Not The Last Avenger. And certainly not Avengers: Age of Ultron. But you know, let’s use that as an excuse to talk about Age of Ultron, because one Reddit user thinks they might be onto something when it comes to the follow-up to Infinity War.

There were a lot of visions in Age of Ultron, and I’m talking about more than just Paul Bettany. You had Wanda’s visions that she planted in the minds of the heroes — which we learned recently had nothing to do with the future brought about by Thanos in Infinity War. But one thing to remember is that when Vision was born, Wanda said that she looked into Vision’s mind and saw… well, annihilation. Well, Vision was just born at that moment, and it’s possible that his mind wasn’t altogether. Plus, he did have the Mind Stone. Not that this is any indication of what the title for Avengers 4 could be, but take a look at the theory in the Reddit post below.

Might be a stretch, but saw this while rewatching Age of Ultron. Perhaps the rumored Avengers 4 title (Avengers: Annihilation) has some credibility? from marvelstudios

It’s a bit of a stretch that maybe even Reed Richards wouldn’t make, and unless the Russo Brothers went through the scripts of both The Avengers and Age of Ultron with a fine-toothed comb to rule out potential titles for the follow-up to Infinity War, they probably didn’t have this on their mind to begin with. That being said, Annihilation is being tossed around as one of the possible titles for the fourth Avengers film, so it’s possible that this idea could hold water, given that fans have found some precedent for the usage of “Annihilation” in Age of Ultron.

But then, the Russo Brothers have kept things close to the chest in regards to the next film after Infinity War, so time will tell. Do you think this adds credence to “Annihilation” being the possible title for the fourth  film? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

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Source: Reddit

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