Graph Compares Amount Of Spoken Lines Between Original Avengers

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An infographic has compared the number of spoken lines amongst the original six Avengers throughout the films.

A fan has put together a clever infographic where he has quantified the number of spoken lines per Avenger. He then compared them to one another, allowing us to get a closer look at the prevalence of these characters in the Avengers films.

Unsurprisingly, Tony Stark tops all movies with the most spoken lines — even in Captain America: Civil War, a film that is supposed to focus on another Avenger entirely. Captain America barely trails Iron Man in every film except for Infinity War, where he and Black Widow have the second least and least amount of lines respectively. This really illuminates just how small Captain America’s role was in Avengers: Infinity War while doubling down that Iron Man is the big face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Another interesting tidbit from the graph: Hawkeye has more spoken lines in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which really highlights how much Joss Whedon tried to flesh out Clint Barton after he spent most of The Avengers brainwashed under Loki’s control.

With directors, Anthony and Joe Russo exclaiming that those Avengers that we barely saw in Infinity War will get their share of screen time in next year’s sequel could we see Captain America and maybe even Black Widow top the number of spoken lines? With rumors of Hawkeye becoming Ronin — presumably, because his family was removed from existence when Thanos snapped — maybe even he could surpass Hulk and Thor, both of which had comparatively substantial roles in Infinity War.

Check out the graph below!

6 original Avengers from ‘The Avengers’ movie, number of spoken lines comparison [OC] from marvelstudios

Which of the New Avengers can you see overtaking Iron Man for most dialogue? Sound off with your thoughts and comments below!

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