‘Avengers’ Hatch Appears Outside Of The ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Ride

A mysterious Avengers hatch has appeared nearby Disney California Adventure's newly-opened Guardians of the Galaxy ride. Might it be teasing a new ride?

Shortly after the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!, it appears as though a new Easter Egg has popped up involving the Avengers. Could Earth’s Mightiest Heroes be the next group of Marvel characters to get their own ride at a Disney Theme Park, or could this just be the start of something even bigger?

Slashfilm recently published an analysis from Peter Sciretta, which started with this simple observation of an Avengers logo appearing where it logically shouldn’t (as the Guardians and Avengers franchises have yet to have a meaningful crossover):

But the rabbit hole goes deeper than that – much, much deeper. While James Gunn expresses hints that this is the start of the Marvel Theme Park Universe (and that it totally isn’t related to the MCU in spite of using the same cast and crew – totally), Sciretta has chosen to go deeper. At the opening ceremony for the ride, it was overlooked that S.H.I.E.L.D. agents wearing hazmat suits were gathered around the area where the Avengers hatch is currently located – which, curiously, was also protected by security guards wearing the Avengers logo on their uniforms. Scrietta also took note of an earlier statement from one of Disney’s Imagineers as being relevant to the conversation:

“[The Ride] will be the first of a whole new universe in Disney California Adventure. All of this is happening as we speak. As things emerge and as things develop, I’ll be back to tell you about all the things that are going to happen as we go forward and make this really really cool and really wonderful addition to Disney California Adventure.”

Sciretta also notes that there have been multiple rumors of an indoor, digital roller coaster similar in nature to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey or The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man over at Universal’s parks in Orlando – leading to his conclusion that we’ll be in for a full-scale Marvel land over at Disney California Adventure in that same area, and that Mission: BREAKOUT! is only the beginning. Whatever this potential expansion will be called, keep in mind that due to the existence of Universal’s own Marvel theme park, don’t expect it to have the Marvel name – a minor legal dispute will mean that Disney can’t call this “Marvel Land” or something to that effect.

Source: Slashfilm