‘Avengers’ Star Sebastian Stan Angered Over Those Who Won’t Self-Isolate

Sebastian Stan Winter Soldier Falcon Captain America Avengers Endgame

Avengers star Sebastian Stan is angry at those who are still going out and crowding public spaces during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Over the past few weeks, North America has been forced to come to terms with the COVID-19 pandemic as it continues to spread throughout the world. Beginning in China and later emerging in Europe, the novel coronavirus has forced individuals all around the world to bunker up and stay at home so they don’t risk spreading the virus. While many have done their part to self-isolate during this troubling time, many have refused to do so, flooding public spaces. Avengers star Sebastian Stan has some pretty harsh words for those who continue to go out and not do their part to flatten the curve.

In a recent appearance on the Muscle and Fitness podcast (conducted tastefully and safely via the internet), Avengers star Sebastian Stan was brutally honest about how he felt about those who refuse to self-isolate.

“But what makes me insane is seeing that the beaches in f***ing Miami are still flooded with these f***ing idiots. Dude, they’re dumb f***s and it pisses me off and it really makes me insane because that’s actually the problem right there. We gotta remember our grandparents and parents have survived way worse and we can do out part here.”

The Winter Soldier actor has no interest in holding back and rightfully so as the only way to hinder the disease’s ability to spread is to stay inside and practice social distancing. Sebastian Stan also brought to light the plight of his friends, who are essential workers.

“I talked to a couple friends who are in the workforce like cops out there sleeping in their garages, working 20 hours a day; nurses coming home and not being able to hold their children because they’re afraid they’re going to contaminate their families, then going back to work. You hear that stuff and it blows my mind because it makes me feel like I have such privilege to be able to sit around here while these people are beating themselves.”

The Avengers star’s brutal honesty and candidness is exactly what the world needs to hear at the moment as the death toll from the pandemic continues to rise everyday, with the United States currently facing the most deaths. Earlier in the week, Sebastian Stan’s Avengers co-star Evangeline Lily posted an apology after refusing to self-isolate. We’re glad to hear that the Avengers stars are doing their part to flatten the curve and promote the importance of staying inside.

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