This Avengers Vs. X-Men Fan Trailer Seriously Deserves To Be Real

X-Men and The Avengers banner

If you’ve been one of the countless fans begging Fox to “give the X-Men rights back to Marvel,” then you now have at least a semblance of your wish granted. Assuming you enjoy a good fan trailer.

Coming from Screen Rant, this “supercut” trailer combines footage from almost every Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie with pretty much every X-Men movie. They even found a way to include Deadpool.

What’s unique about this fan trailer is not just the slick editing that matches the usual tones of most superhero blockbuster trailers. Yes, it’s woven together in a way that is almost convincing. For example, it cleverly links action shots from disparate movies to make you think it’s real. But what’s more exciting about this trailer is the obvious potential it reveals for millions of fans clamoring to see the X-Men and MCU characters come together on the big screen. After all, we live in a world where even Sony is finding ways to let the MCU have fun with their proprietary character, Spider-Man.

And if you’re on the fence about whether or not Fox and the MCU could make such a deal work as a new and compelling comic book movie, then this fan trailer might actually make a true believer out of you.

Check out the full trailer below:

Source: CBR

Jon Negroni

Jon Negroni

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  • Technofied

    Not happening!

    • Marquis de Sade

      Yeah, but at least the probability rate of this happening is higher than dceu ever producin’ a decent movie.

      • Technofied

        sure, the probability rate of this happening is also higher than marvel killing off any of their Major character =D it’s worse than a fkucng indian movie where there’s always a happy ending =D

  • gradybridges

    The X-Men movies aren’t good enough to be in one with the Avengers-lease the rights to Feige and Marvel, like Spidey, and do a reboot and then it can happen

  • aaflo

    sorta old news…must be a slow day for Heroic Hollywood

  • Fenix

    Meh, I really don’t want the fox version of xmen to join the MCU.

  • Jason Scarpelli

    Nothing new, Saw it on Youtube over a year ago by Youtube user Alex Luthor

  • Axxell

    I don’t want the rights to go back to Marvel…I want Fox and Marvel Studios to combine forces. WB would shít their pants if that happened.

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